Top 10 Best Hotel Jobs in Turkey

There is a deep connection between Turkey and tourism. This small land is the target of many visitors as it has beautiful sights, affluent markets, unique hotels, and affordable accommodation. Do you want to know how to work in the top best tourist places in Turkey?

The field of Tourism in Turkey:

tourism in turkey

Turkey is a country that attracts the attention of tourists. Its beautiful landmarks bring thousands of tourists every day, hiking among its facilities and seeing the outstanding beauty of the Bosphore. The service quality of hotels and the emerging tourism projects make the country worth visiting. Turkey is encouraging the coming of new visitors, investors, international students as well. This country is among the top 5 best tourism destinations in 2020. Even after the pandemic, the tourism season is still active in Turkey, with serious protective policies ensuring the country's safety. Although Turkey has dropped the visa requirement for specific countries, it facilitates the access procedure for tourists. The same government has adopted a new program to promote tourism in Turkey.

On the other hand, the government is encouraging every project related to the tourism field. It has alleviated taxes for hosting chalets, Yachts, or camping clubs, etc.. Take a look at; Best jobs in Turkey for Expats.

Tourism is not only based in Istanbul. Various services and attractive destinations encourage the circuit of many economies, such as buying Turkish souvenirs, traditional outfits, and even the famous Turkish delight Lokum. As this field is rich, take a look at Fratres to know the necessary requirements to join the professional field you want.

Major Requirements for Hotel Jobs:

When we say tourism, we think about hotels. This field employs various profiles. Some of these jobs require a degree or an apprenticeship certificate. Others related to cleaning and manual labor work do not require any qualifications. To better understand the quickest access to hotel and tourism jobs, take a look at this section.

1.Proficiency in languages:

Foreign languages, mainly Turkish, are considered the most likely solid points for your success in obtaining a job, especially in the fields of tourism, translation, and mediation services. If you want to get a hotel job, you should acknowledge your linguistic skills in your CV.

2. Hygiene and good looks:

Elegance is part of the Turkish strategy to attract visitors. The field of tourism chooses young and elegant people to operate in direct contact with clients. How can I get a Job in Turkey?

Hotel Jobs in Turkey:

hotel jobs

Every hotel has a staff of employees and a recruitment process. Jobs there can be seasonal, under a contract, or permanent, depending on the position you have applied for. Here is a list of 10 jobs in Turkish hotels:

1.Hosting Agents/ Receptionists:

Hosting agents are hired to welcome visitors. This is one of the hotel-promoting services used to acknowledge Turkey. Many agencies hire young people, especially girls, to work as hosting agents, especially in hotels and five-star restaurants. Requirements for this job are based on a specific. It only requires elegance, friendly attitude, and smiling to visitors. The same applicants can operate as receptionists.

2. Beauty and Spa Specialists:

The field of spa and well-being is one of the common areas of work in Turkey. Although there are Turkish public baths known as Hammam, hotels have adopted the traditional Hammam service by hiring specialists in skin care and spa. Applicants for these jobs should at least complete one year of apprenticeship in skincare. Others can be from a paramedical background to manufacture spa products or oils or use several machines dedicated to the Hammam process. Graduates specializing in acupuncture or massage earn more than beauticians specializing in skin care, pedicure, or manicure.

3.Customer-service Agents:

Hotel jobs require taking care of customers, booking rooms for them, and listing the various hotel services. Customer-service agents are front-office employees dedicated to contacting visitors and arranging accommodation and catering services and their costs. Applicants, who have previous experience in this field, will be automatically hired in this department.

4. Social Media Managers:

Competition between Turkish hotels requires relevant existence online. Every hotel owner hires social media managers to run the hotel website or social media pages to respond to the clients queries about the trip programs and the services provided by the hotel. They post photos of hotel rooms and departments, including the package of services related to each photo section.

5. Restaurant Chefs:

restaurant chefs

The iconic Chef Burak and Chef Nusrat operate in a series of luxurious hotels between Turkey and the UAE. The most significant number of recruitment hotel offers for Chefs. It is possible to become a cook in very different specialties to increase food options. A chef is a qualified applicant with two years of apprenticeship in a specific cuisine. Salaries depend on the hotel rating and the type of cooked dishes. Take a look at; Which Jobs are Popular in Turkey?


Barmen is also an expert in juices and cocktails. They operate in the hotel bar section.


Waiters are part of the hotel restaurants and cafés. They take the clients’ orders and serve tables.

8. Room-service agents:

A group of employees specialized in taking orders from room residents and providing them with any specific service.

9.Housekeepers/ Cleaning Agents:

Turkish hotels hire various workers to clean every hotel sector. Hygiene and cleanliness are essential to any hotel image. Hotel rating takes cleanliness into account.

10. Security Agents:

Of course, security is one of the fundamental basics in any establishment. Hotels hire a staff of security agents from various nationalities to protect and help hotel visitors.

These were the top 10 hotel jobs in Turkey. Salaries depend on the type of hotel, service, working hours, and qualifications. Don’t forget to join Fratres to find guidelines about employment in your dream destination.

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