Best jobs in Turkey for Expats

Many Job seekers are planning to shift as expats to Turkey. The majority of them are usually from Arab countries like Syria or Lebanon, or some European countries facing significant economic weaknesses like Greece and Georgia. Since many aspire to work in better economic conditions in Turkey. Here is an article explaining employment for expats in Turkey.

Expats Job Opportunities in Turkey

expats job opportunities

Turkey has earned a worldwide population, especially after dubbing Turkish dramas into various languages. This attractive destination has long been a mixture of European and Asian cultures, bringing attention to various media. After the spread of this pandemic disease, Turkey didn’t fail at dropping down its touristic reputation. With some economic ups and downs, the Turkish job market is still recruitment-friendly. The winning ace of Turkey lurks in the positive reviews from its expats that encourage life and work in Turkey. As so many questions come into your mind regarding traveling to Turkey, working there, or starting up a project, here is an article with exclusive information. Before packing your bags, follow these necessary guidelines to avoid trouble.

1.Learn the Language:

If you are planning to settle in a country where English is not its second language, put any effort into learning the basics of communication basics. Try to allocate one hour a day learning how to speak in Turkey. You don’t have to be fluent; you just need to learn what is written on street signs, building announcements, or conduct a small communication with locals.Which Jobs are Popular in Turkey? Let’s find out.

2. Location Matters:

Turkey includes job opportunities for Arabs as well as foreigners. Unfortunately, these opportunities are not equally scattered in the land. Some places have better job offers, salaries, and work environments. As an expat, you need to be based in places where employment is abundant such as the Turkish capital Ankara or Istanbul. To make this mission easier for you, you need to join Fratres. Fratres is a job portal classifying job opportunities in terms of location and cities. This website will help you locate a job, wherever you want, just with a few clicks.

3.Conduct a practical Job Search Session:

Landing on a job requires digging deep for opportunities. As an expat, you need to sell your skills and qualifications and see what you can earn in exchange. But before that, you need to arrange for your coming to Turkey. This depends on where you belong. Turkey grants access without Visa to some European and Arab countries. The rest require a Visa and a work permit, including a pile of documents to prove your eligibility to the Visa type and residence rules. For those who search for the conditions that must be provided to submit an application to work and live in Turkey, they need to provide the following data:

  • A CV
  • A cover letter
  • A clean criminal record
  • A Visa application submitted online
  • Issued college degrees, or any license obtained in your home country
  • A medical certificate with a negative PCR test.

4. Meet the Conditions to Obtain a Work Permit in Turkey:

Foreign job applicants need to hold a valid passport. New visitors should at least have a tourist residence of no less than six months. You may also read; Women Careers in Turkey

- To obtain a residence permit in Turkey, your application should be submitted at the Turkish embassies in your country before your arrival to Turkey.

-Your work permit belongs to the same city from which the residence card was extracted. You are not entitled to obtain a work permit from another city. These were some conditions applied after the pandemic. The new requirements of the Turkish embassy prohibit working in a city and living in another one to limit daily shifts.

-Your degrees and qualifications should be issued and translated according to Turkish standards. Applicants should submit a file with translated degrees equivalent to Turkish qualifications. For further details, check; How can I get a Job in Turkey?

What are the job opportunities that the Majority of Expats Apply for?

job sectors for expats in Turkey

Many expats are coming for various purposes. But, the majority of them are seeking employment in these fields.


 Turkey constantly hires foreigners to teach English throughout many private institutes. Although teaching foreign languages is not very popular in Turkey, many Turkish people apply for these private courses to migrate to Canada or the USA. They need a diploma showing that they are skilled in English.


Many multinational companies are based in Turkey. As this country welcomes expats, many of them are engaged in outsourcing for foreign companies. They work as call center agents in foreign languages or managerial positions, depending on their expertise.

3. Marketing and Sales:

This field is very active in Turkey. Expats are also part of the sales and marketing line. They work in customer-service departments or sales representatives or advertising as foreigners for Turkish products.

4. Translation:

This field is open for expats, provided that they are fluent in Turkish. Many foreigners are engaged in translation jobs, as this profession is lucrative in Turkey.

5. IT Jobs:

IT jobs for expats in Turkey

Turkey is encouraging the technical field by financing technical projects. Thousands of new Turkish applicants are emerging in It companies. More than 50 companies are specialized in designing, manufacturing, and developing technical tools. There are also thousands of selling lines in and outside Turkey. Expats from technical backgrounds can apply and get opportunities in this field.Top 10 Highly Demanded IT Jobs in Turkey.

These were the fundamental guidelines to set foot in the Turkish job market as an Expat. These professions are still active under the pandemic conditions. The availability of these opportunities depends on the city.


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