How can I get a Job in Turkey?

Many people wonder how to get a job in Turkey. Before mentioning the necessary job search conditions, you should know that employment is a recent phenomenon in Turkey. After the lockdown, Turkey was facing difficulties in employing the people of the country themselves. But with the quick development of technology, economy, and science, the Turkish job market is absorbing many Turkish and foreign workers. If Turkey is your dream destination, here is an article explaining how to find a job there as fast as possible.

The Turkish Labor Market:

Jobs in Turkey

The current labor market is a mosaic of many professional varieties. Everyone can get a room in Turkey. This welcoming country is a mixture of both European and Orient lifestyle. It has solid industries and factories. Turkish goods are exported worldwide, trying to advance with German and Greek competitors. But regarding the increased number of refugees and their attempts to get employment in Turkey, the labor market becomes limited to top skilled people. Work in Turkey has become based on certain conditions even without being fluent in Turkish. Another sad fact, the Turkish currency is not as strong as the European one. So, payment will not enable applicants to get rich faster, especially if they are not working in the public sector. Despite these hinders, there are many advantages in working and living in Turkey:

-A comfortable work environment: in Turkey, average employment is 8 hrs a day from Monday to Friday. This schedule is considered comfortable compared to other working conditions.

-Ability to shift in career: promotions in Turkey are not a slow process. They are not conditioned to complex challenges. Salaries can boost per target achievement.

-Associations and fellowships: Turkey is working to promote its professional ties. Many companies and corporations are exchanging employees for foreign probations. Despite the various education systems and languages, Turkey managed to exchange expertise across the Mediterranean countries. All its fellowships are completely paid provided that participants have a perfect work experience or academic fulfillment. Take a look at; Turkish Fellowships

-Investment encouragements: Turkey provides various financial programs to increase startups and help investors employ in Turkey. These incentives include free taxations in the first three years, with low loans interests.

-The cost of living is proportional to the wages.

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What Does It Take to Get a Job in Turkey?

Applying for jobs in Turkey

Many challenges are evolving around employment in Turkey. Is employment that hard there? Surprisingly the answer is no! Getting a job can demand various procedures, especially for non-Turkish applicants. Here are the common obstacles that you should be prepared for in your job search in Turkey.

-Not able to speak Turkish: the barrier of not knowing the Turkish language is one of the most significant obstacles that prevent access to employment. Unfortunately, most Turkish online platforms publishing dozens of job opportunities daily are not supported with an additional language. That’s why it’s essential to look for websites like Fratres. Fratres is a job portal classifying jobs per country and location. It also includes a career guide for employment in different specializations.

-Non-equivalent qualification: being qualified in Turkey means passing a competitive exam. Although foreigners are dispensed with this exam, they need to prove their compatibility with the field, especially if they will work in the medical or teaching sector. Take a look at; Top10 Highly Demanded IT Jobs in Turkey.

-Not having a work permit: it is prohibited for non-Turkish workers to profess any job without a work permit.

Despite these challenges, many applicants get hired in jobs that suit their qualifications. Here is what you need to do to obtain this final result.

1. Set an effective job search strategy:

Job seekers resort to many search methods, such as browsing Turkish and foreign job sites, tracking employers’ posts on social media, and creating a job seeker’s profile in job portals and platforms. All these methods may facilitate your attempts to field research, which makes it easy for them to find a job in a quick time.

2. Learn everything related to your target job:

This sounds trivial as a tip. But, many applicants fail at obtaining the job, as they seem not understanding the requirements. To ace the job, applicants should not only search for a job but also:

  • Search for the work environment
  • understand the terms and conditions, including the requirements for the job
  • Search for reviews and experienced shared online from previous employees

In other words, applicants should study the job offer. They need to get a good hold of the requirement and possibility of career development and the potential salary of the job. This step should also be reflected on their cover letters. They need to prove to potential employers that they are aware of everything related to the job.

3. Provide the necessary documents for your application:

providing the necessary documents for jobs in Turkey

Filling out an application form online is not enough to get the job. Applicants should provide all the required documents required for the job. This depends on the professional field, which demands more than a CV and a cover letter. Make sure that all the required documents are issued to prove their originality.

4.Develop your skills and learn Turkish:

Foreigners face many job search restrictions. Turkish language is one of these barriers, including the dedicated time to learn this language. While answering your job application, you can develop your skills to get used to work patterns and learn about the ABCs of the country’s culture, such as working hours, types of breaks, nature of work, and people’s attitude. Take a look at; Women Careers in Turkey

5. Move to the places of high recruitment potential:

Job opportunities are not the same in all cities of Turkey. If you are looking for a job, you need to be based in one of the highest recruiting places such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Gaziantep. Relocation can also be one of your professional decisions, as working from home is not encouraged in Turkey. It is preferable to be an attendant at your workplace from Monday to Friday and prove your complete availability for the job.

These were the top 5 essential tips to get a job fast in Turkey. Try to follow them and apply them when you move to Turkey.

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