Which Jobs are Popular in Turkey?

The effects of the pandemic began to appear on the economic and social lifestyle around the world.Turkey is one of the countries that struggled to overcome these conditions. After the total closure of schools, universities and marketplaces, the professional world has taken a new aspect. Let’s take a look at the popular jobs that currently emerged in Turkey.

Jobs in Turkey:

There is no spoken language other than Turkish in a place where there is an increased wave of new visitors settling there every year. What makes Turkey a magnet for these people, even after the pandemic? The answer is a sample; so many job opportunities and a less expensive lifestyle. Many professions in Turkey have maintained their performance. Despite the delay of many sectors, many fields managed to increase the pace of production and meet the needs of consumers in no time. The popularity of Turkey as a tourist destination is still maintained. The secret is simply thanks to the popular jobs and activities that introduce Turkish qualities. For those waiting with information and news, join Fratres and keep an eye on the recent updates.

Popular Jobs in Turkey:

jobs in Turkey

Since many professions and sectors have continued or increased their work, it is essential to understand the following facts.

-New investments are increased in Turkey despite the outbreak of the virus.

-Turkey has a strong medical sector equipped with the best technologies. All of them are made in Turkey. No budget is put into exporting medical supplies from external countries.

-Turkey also has a strong manufacturing sector. It hosts manufacturers for vehicles supplies, detergents, and sterilization products, seafood, and cosmetics. The abundance of Turkish products has opened the path for e-commerce and affiliate marketing for brands like Farmasi. Take a look at; RANKING FOR BEST AFFILIATE MARKETING COMPANIES - TURKEY.

-The pharmaceutical sector in Turkey is very active. This field managed to double the production of sterilization materials and masks, with affordable prices to increase the protection rate. Turkish pharmacists indicate that work has increased during the last month by about 30% in general sales.

To this day, Turkey has not complained of a real shortage of protective supplies or problems with confronting the virus, making this country a bit safe to resume work and activities. Under the shade of these events, some jobs have flourished and become popular in Turkey:

Jobs in Delivery Companies:

Turkey has a speed and punctual delivery service. This is thanks to delivery companies that work on competing with each other. The household services sector is the one that has recently rebounded. Under the stay-at-home policy, new companies have entered the delivery service line, such as commercial chains and food delivery. These companies expanded their workers, intending to deliver the needs to locked people. Shops and brands in Turkey have added delivery services, which created demands for workers and drivers. Here are; The Best Food and Grocery Delivery Apps You Can Use in Istanbul

Jobs Bakeries and Restaurants:

jobs in restaurents and bakeries

Turkey is known for the spread of bakeries and restaurants of various backgrounds. Despite the spread of the virus, these catering projects are still active following strict healthcare protocols. Turkish municipalities have banned street bread sellers of Semit and Lebanese bread. Only licensed bakeries and restaurants are allowed to work. But, the performance of restaurants declined in general after Turkey prevented sitting in restaurants. Their work was limited to selling takeaways or delivering to homes, as authorities imposed a fine for violating the rule around 3800 Turkish Liras for sitting at a table.

Jobs in Journalism and Media

Turkey hosts more than 80 foreign broadcast projects and media. Although the virus has affected the print media, many newspapers stopped issuing paper and switched to electronic versions. On the other hand, audio-visual media preferred to continue broadcasting to increase its awareness. Media is one of the flourishing sectors in Turkey. This country has Arab-based news channels, drama and entertainment channels, documentaries, and specialized content. This field created jobs for:

  • Journalists: the vacancies are even open for non-Turkish speakers, as Turkey is trying to reach out to the external world through exhibiting its media to non-Turkish locals.
  • Translators: translation is a lucrative and vital career in Turkey. Translators are not only active in the media. They are even operating in hospitals for foreign patients, in firms, and courts. Translators in Turkey earn a lot and have a flexible schedule.

Jobs in Trades and Markets:

trades and markets

It is known that Turkey has cheap manual labor compared to other countries. This encourages people to buy traditional outfits and manual fabrics a lot. Stitching and sewing are trendy in Turkey. Although the Bazaar activities were limited during the lockdown, the manual trades have increased in price. But, this augmentation did not hurt the consumer’s wallet, as they are still affordable compared to similar fabrics elsewhere.Take a look at; Women Careers in Turkey

Jobs in Tourism:

Traveling and tourism are back in Turkey. Like every tourism season, hotels set strategies to attract visitors. Some hotels are linked to specific establishments such as,

  • Hotels dedicated to post-surgical recoveries, in collaboration with Turkish clinics
  • Hotels for students and Arab visitors
  • Hotels for animals where their owners can keep them before traveling for days.

Turkey has vital Tourism agencies hiring various nationalities to attract visitors. It also facilitates the inauguration of touristic projects, ensuring the security and the support of travel and tourism projects.

These were the popular jobs in Turkey after the pandemic. The majority of these jobs do not require a specific degree. They are also related to tourism, sales, and delivery services, making life easier in Turkey.


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