What are some Best Paying Jobs in Turkey

Turkey is the top-recommended country for medical tourism, trips, and shopping. With a friendly climate and affordable prices, life is fascinating in Turkey. Are jobs there offering the promoted comfort? We cannot generalize when it comes to employment. Each job has its requirements, payment and even working hours. As the majority is looking for high-paying jobs, an article presents the top professions that will secure your future.

Best Paying Jobs and Wages in Turkey:

jobs and wages in Turkey

Some jobs make ends meet. Others are leading to luxury. Although the economic situation is fluctuating in Turkey, wages increase when the cost of living increases there. Wages are the same when operating in the public sector and automatically differ, in the private sector. Although working in Turkey has some cons and pros, it is not counted as a failed experience. Turkey is gradually moving towards modernization. By establishing relationships between foreign parties, this destination becomes the target of many investors to launch a business there. These economic commitments developed the Turkish labor market and created vacancies for both Turkish and foreigners. To assess the minimum wages, income and salaries of foreigners according to the Turkish Labor Law, you should consider the following points:

  • Location: Turkish cities do not have the same employment rate. So, when you are looking for a job, you need to search for the most recruiting place. For this purpose, you need to join Fratres. This website identifies jobs per location. Fratres can be the compass required to track your favorite job.
  • The changing requirements: the demands of the job market change depending on the circumstances. The post-pandemic period has eliminated some jobs from the list. That’s why you need to learn new skills to cope with these changes.
  • Immigration: as an increasing number of foreign investors chose to invest in Turkey, contributing to its growing economy, immigration increases and becomes much more than they were in previous years. Take a look at; Which Jobs are Popular in Turkey?

The large number of foreign workers and employees prompted the Turkish Ministry of Labor to consider more laws based on international standards of the legal rights of these individuals. For this reason, the hiring of foreign employees has become more regular compared to previous years. Take a look at; .How can I get a Job in Turkey?

In recent years, the number of people who want to work or live in Turkey for a long time has increased. On the other hand, the Turkish government is trying to use international standards to pay the salaries of foreign employees and workers in its territory.

Minimum Wages and Salaries in Turkey

salaries in Turkey

To search for the best paying jobs in Turkey, it is essential to get hints about the salaries. Many economic sources indicate the minimum wages in the Turkish Labor Code that employers usually suggest. Of course, depending on negotiations and arrangements between the employer and the employee, the final salary may be more than this amount. But, it cannot be less than the following numbers:

-The minimum wage for domestic services such as child nursing, caregiving or cleaning is 2,558 TL per month.

The minimum wage and salaries for workers in Turkey's tourism and hotel personnel services sector is 2,558 TL per month.

-The minimum wage for citizens working as sellers, marketers, sales experts, and similar jobs is 3, 837 TL. It is 1.5 times the minimum wage of 2,558 TL.

-The minimum wage and salary for specialized professions such as teachers and doctors is 3 times the minimum wage. It reaches 7,675 TL per month.

-The minimum wage for unit and division managers, engineers and architects is 4 times the minimum wage of 2,555, equivalent to 10,233 TL per month.

-The minimum wage for senior managers, pilots, engineers, and executive architects is 6.5 times the minimum wage. It is up to 16,629 TL per month.

All these salaries mentioned above include tax deduction, according to the tax law in Turkey. Here are the Best jobs in Turkey for Expats

How to Get a High-Paying Job in Turkey?

High-paying jobs require higher qualifications. The medical and engineering field require a Bachelor’s degree plus two years of professional training to obtain the multiplied salaries. Teaching and law-related jobs requiring passing a competitive exam included in the public recruitment process. It should be noted that the above-mentioned amounts are intended for Turkish citizens. But, many foreigners residing in Turkey have more income than Turkish people, thanks to their experience and competence. This fact indicates that salaries and wages in Turkey are paid based on experiences and productivity provided by each employee, all the same without discrimination through nationality or origin. now, let’s take a look at the conditions for obtaining a high-paying job opportunity in Turkey:

-Knowledge of the Turkish language: the more fluent in the language, the greater are the chances of getting a better job opportunity. Mastering the Turkish language will qualify you to work as a translator, especially if you are also fluent in English; your chance to work as a translator will increase.

-The chosen field: if you are applying for teaching jobs without sitting for the KPSS exam, you can submit your application for foreign education institutes in Turkey.

- Qualifications: Being a doctor or a pharmacist qualifies you easily to work in one of the Turkish clinics.

being a doctor in Turkey

-Self-employment: if the investment is one of your ambitions, consider choosing a lucrative field to circulate your business. Owning a startup amount to launch a project in Turkey, such as a restaurant, is a common plan for many immigrants, provided that it is not less than 20 thousand dollars. Take a look at; how to set up a Business in Turkey

-Applying for the logistics, export, and import: business exchange is also a high-paying investment. Experience in exporting Turkish products and choosing an export market will enable you to operate internationally and earn more than the minimum wage.

These were the professional options, including the wages of high-paying jobs. These jobs are available in various sectors and have a rate of economic superiority linked to their importance.


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