Government Jobs In Turkey

The public sector is the centre of the economy, where all the businesses and projects bring external and internal benefits. Since many applicants aspire to join government jobs in Turkey, an article explains the necessary conditions to secure your future.

Government Jobs in Turkey:

government jobs in Turkey

Turkey is a land that tries to balance its job opportunities between foreigners and locals. If you are curious about employment in Turkey, sign up for Fratres. Many applicants are not interested in jobs in the private sector. This field occupies a part of the economy that is under the control of the patronage of private organizations or individuals. Although the private sector is trying to improve just like the public sector, many applicants are escaping jobs in private institutions for these reasons:

-Lack of benefits, insurance, holidays: it is known that the private sector does not have the same advantages as the public one does. Take a look at; Know All about Social Security inTurkey

-.Possibility of unfair termination: the private sector includes termination policies that can be stricter than the public sector.

- Extended working hours: the main purpose of the business in the private sector is to make a profit. That’s why the working hours rate is superior to the public sector, which is known for providing different types of public services with lower costs.  

But, due to the unstable economy of Turkey, access to government jobs is always conditioned with many requirements. Let’s take a look at some of them.

-Citizenship: employees in the public sector should be local citizens. Although foreigners can be present in government jobs, they are recruited through an employment contract.

-Age: Some government professions are age-limited such as police and military positions. Take a look at; Youth Employment Law

-Completing Military services: the Turkish government is requiring a year of military training of male applicants aged between 20 and 25. Students of medical universities are not concerned with these conditions.

-Entry exams/ Competitive exams: many public fields are granting entry exams, no matter the applicant's qualifications. According to the exam scores, the applicant will be recruited in the public sector. Take a look at Top 10 Best Careers for Graduates in Turkey

These were the famous fundamental conditions to have access to government jobs.

What are the Differences Between the Private Sector and the Public Sector?

The differences between the private and public sectors in Turkey can be the following:

1. The private sector is more liberal than the public sector. It may not force its employees to pay taxes or limit them to a single specialization.

2. Public institutions are known as part of the state. Schools, hospitals, and public-service institutions may not have the same service level everywhere in Turkey.

3. Private sector services are expensive and competitive. But, they thrived at motivating people to turn to them, as they are fast, effective, and satisfactory.

4. Public institutions are not independent like private institutions.

5. In the public service, it serves in accordance with the purpose of the benefit, not for profit, as in the private institution.

6. Rules in public administration are determined in accordance with the laws.

7. Private institutions are institutions that are free to comply with the wishes and desires of the people.

8. The existing regulations in the private sector are general. In the public sector, it is done in more detail.

9. Situations such as protecting the poor and orphans and working for unemployment are mandatory for the public sector, but not for the private sector.

10. In the public sector, individuals are not empowered to expand services. But, this is possible in the private sector.

These were the famous differences between private and public sectors’ jobs. Let’s take a look at the top government jobs in Turkey.

What is the Hiring Government Jobs in Turkey?

The Presidential Human Resources Office announced the in-demand jobs in Turkey. Look at the list below, and prepare your CV and the entry requirement tests, in case you belong to the demanded sector :

1.Medical Jobs:

medical jobs in Turkey

Doctors and health specialists will be the most sought-after profiles in the public sector. The new healthcare requirements and the pandemic disease prompted the Turkish government to put more financial support in the medical sector. The top required jobs are:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Dentists
  • Surgeons

2. IT and Computer Systems Jobs:

Graduates from IT institutions and employment data from the Social Security Institutions will have the highest employment rate and the highest starting salary in Turkey. They will be essential in providing internet connection and treating data. They can get a job as:

3.Engineering Jobs:

Turkey is a country with various manufacturers and projects. Some of these businesses are governed by the public sector, hiring the following profiles:

  • Textile engineers
  • Industrial designers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Industrial engineers
  • Electrical and electronic engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers

4. Construction Jobs:

Turkey is planning to expand its public projects by hiring various specialists in construction. Some public constructions are ensuring jobs for:

  • Interior architecture
  • Architecture
  • Civil engineering
  • Construction workers
  • Tradesmen
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers

5. Security and Criminal Justice Jobs:

Turkey has a strong security system. Police jobs in Turkey are employing recent supplies to grant public security and settlement. the public sector provides:

  • Police Officers jobs
  • Inspectors
  • Forensic Lab Technicians
  • Civil Agents

6. Accounting Jobs:

 The government requires a set of specialists to manage its expenditure and revenues. The ministry of finance is providing candidacy in the following positions:

  •  Accountants( including all its professional hierarchies)
  • Auditing jobs
  • Finance Inspectors
  • Taxation Agents

7.Teaching Jobs:

Teaching Jobs in Turkey

Teaching in the public sector requires an entry exam called KPSS. This exam is not only for graduates with a teaching degree. It is also for graduates belonging to other academic majors. For more information on teaching in the public sector, read this Best Careers in Turkey for Teachers

These were the top 7 fundamental government jobs in Turkey. All of them contribute to meet the public needs and building the country’s generations.


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