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How to Write a CV for Mechanical Engineering Jobs?

Turkey is a land that includes various manufacturing chains. These establishments hire various profiles, among them, mechanical engineers. As a potential applicant, you need a CV to have access to engineering jobs in Turkey. Writing a CV can be a complicated task; here is a helping article with the exclusive guidelines to impress employers.

Mechanical Engineering Job CV:

mechanical engineering jobs in Turkey

To operate as a mechanical engineer in Turkey, you need to complete 4 years of college studies in one of the Turkish colleges. To get hints about this career, take a look at this previous article. Jobs in Turkey for Mechanical Engineers

If you have already completed your studies, it is time to consider applying for your first job. A CV is an essential document for fresh applicants or graduates. Fratres will show you what you should consider when writing your CV:

1.Choose a CV template:

 Although Microsoft world includes some free standard CV themes and templates, you can put your creative touch by downloading a template. Your CV should be eye-catching.

2.Write your name and Contact information:

At the top of your CV, you need to introduce yourself and help employers to contact you. Write your name, followed by your phone number and email address. You better not include your Zip code and residential address, as employers may not choose you for distance purposes. It should be written in the middle of the page or the upper left corner. Information such as date of birth, place of birth, marital status should not be written.

3. Profile:

It would be best if you wrote a concise paragraph to describe your qualifications. A career summary or a profile is a short section to introduce yourself and state the purpose of your application.

4. Work/Internship Experience

work or internship

Write your work or internship experiences if you are a fresh graduate in reverse chronological order. That is, you should start by your recent position towards the oldest job titles. Mention the job, its workplace, and date of work. Below each, briefly list your responsibilities and the work you do in general.

5. Education

Write the degrees you have obtained in reverse chronological order. You should indicate your grades or your GPA, as engineering positions are based upon choosing brilliant applicants.

If you are about graduation, write a future date on which you expect your graduation. Do you want more CV tips? Take a look at; CV Writing Advice For Teachers In Turkey

 6. Skills

Mechanical engineers should have a bunch of soft and hard skills. But, as an applicant, you need to include some of the skills mentioned in the job offer. The best CV attractive skills for engineering positions can be the following:

-Computer skills: you can define which computer’s abilities you have, such as proficiency in Excel, Microsoft, and Powerpoint. Top 10 Highly Demanded IT Jobs in Turkey.

-Manual skills: as a mechanical engineer, you should have strong manual abilities to handle machines

-Creativity: this is an essential skill as mechanical engineers are supposed to design and invent mechanical supplies.

-Languages; you can write the foreign languages ? you know. You can add your level of proficiency as well.


7. Hobbies & Interests:

If you are a member of professional organizations related to your profession, it will be an advantage for you to write about them. You can add the activities you have participated in and your interests under the appropriate headings. But instead of listing all your hobbies and interests, you should only include a few relevant to the position you are applying for.

8. Trainings/Certificates

training or certificates in a mechznical engineer CV

Adding to your qualifications in mechanical engineering, you can indicate additional obtained Certificates. Specify the vocational courses and training you have attended, such as TOEFL, computer courses, etc. If you don’t have any certificate, you can put your driving license (if you have it) and specify its type.

9. References (optional)

In Turkey, references can help you reflect on your professional network. Although it is an optional section, recruiters can trust your application in case you were an entry-level applicant and hire you considering the presence of a reference. If you are a recent graduate, one of your references can be your teacher or your manager with whom you work as an intern. If you do not have a reference, you may not include this section.

A Mechanical Engineer CV Examples:

A Sample Mechanical CV for Fresh Graduates:


Contact Information

A motivated mechanical engineer with more than 8 months of internship and training in leading industries. Seeking an engineering position in an automotive manufacturing company. With proficiency in mechanical components and energy moderation, having the


Mechanical Engineering Intern, Kiwi Home Supplies Company, Dec 2018-Jul2019


Bachelor’s Degree in Mech. Eng. University of Ankara, 2014

Modules:-Design 73%

                -Mechanics 78%

                -Engineering 82%


Attended ABC Seminar for Aqua moderation projects in Desert Areas in 2017


Computer Skills: Proficiency in Excell, Microsoft,


-Ex-Engineering Membership Club in University 2015

-Chess Competition winner in 2014


Dr. Khalid Kemal, Head of Engineering Department in Ankara University


A Sample Mechanical Engineer CV for Experienced Applicant:


Contact Information

An Experienced mechanical engineer with 8 years of practice. Seeking an engineering opportunity in a leading textile manufacturing company. With the promise of positively contributing to the industry and increasing productivity rate.

Work Experience:

Textile Engineer, Textile Industry, 2011-2019

- Preparing Technical designs

- Repairing technical Problems

-Identifying and implementing mechanical supplies.


Bachelor’s Degree in Textile Engineering, Dokuz Eylul University, 2008

Modules:-Design 73%

                -Mechanics 78%

                -Engineering 82%


Military Aircraft Training, Ankara Techno pole, 2011

Mechanical Training Certificate, Ankara Techno pole, 2010

First-Aid Certificate, Healthcare Volunteering Organization, 2009


Computer Skills: Proficiency in Excell, Microsoft,

Manual Skills: Ability to handle textile supplies

                     Supervising work chain

Problem-solving Skills: Ability to provide alternative materials of the used supplies




-3 D design


Dr. Khalid Kemal, Head of Engineering Department in Ankara University


These were the Components of a Mechanical Engineering CV for both fresh and experienced applicants. Follow these tips to better craft your CV.


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