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Explore the CV Format for Turkey Jobs

It is essential to create a CV to have access to your work life. By preparing this document, you will increase the chances of being hired. Nowadays, all workplaces and companies expect CVs from their potential applicants. If you face trouble in completing this task, you need to read this article and discover the necessary CV components in Turkey. Do you want to receive positive feedback from the employer by simply submitting a CV? Are you looking for practical CV writing tips? If yes, consider the following guidelines to write a professional CV.

Writing a CV For Jobs in Turkey:

writing a CV for Jobs in Turkey

There are many sites on the internet with prepared CVs. But, copying their content is not always the key to getting the job. With Fratres, you will learn how to prepare and customize your own CV with confidence and valuable content. Join Fratres to learn the necessary stages for a successful application. In Turkey, it is acceptable to submit a CV in another language other than Turkish, provided you are applying for the private sector. Public jobs require a CV written in Turkish. Take a look at; Factory Jobs in Turkey for Foreigners.

  How to Prepare a CV?

The answer to the question of how to prepare a CV is straightforward. After choosing your target position or reading the job offer, you need to match your personal information with the requirement. This task involves many tips to grab the employer's attention. Keep in mind the following advice before sending your CV:

-Update your CV and make the necessary changes with each new application. A CV is not a standard document for every application. You need to make your CV suitable for that specific job.

-Choose the appropriate format: The order of your CV elements reflects your professional journey. Employers can tell whether you are a Fresh graduate or an experienced applicant through your CV format.

-Attach a photo in the corner of your CV . take a look at; Turkey Job Interview Tips

CV Elements and Writing Techniques.

When you start writing a CV, you should consider the following guidelines:

-Font: the font you will use while writing a CV is significant. Generally, the font you need for an effective CV is the Times, New Roman. After choosing this font, you can start writing with the font size by setting 12 points. Make sure to keep your CV as simple as possible.

-Mind the length of your content and do not exceed two pages. Avoid unnecessary information and write the skills and qualities related to the job.

-Proofreading your CV will allow you to create an effective CV. When writing an effective CV, you must pay attention to spelling mistakes.

What is a CV Format in Turkey?

CV format for turkish jobs

Turkish employers receive many applications a day. To earn time and select the necessary profiles, they focus on the following format:

1. Name and Contact Information:

The first section of your CV includes your name and contact information. You can write your address, email, and phone number straight after your name

2. Work Experience:

If you are an experienced applicant, mention your experiences from the most recent job to the current or oldest one. This section includes the job titles, followed by the workplace name, then the dates of practicing these jobs. You can also describe the previous jobs by mentioning their significant tasks and missions. It is imperative to include internship experiences in case you were an entry-level applicant.

3. Education:

Education is critical when preparing a CV. It would be best if you put the obtained degrees in chronological order. It is necessary to add the details from which schools you graduated, and in which year. If you have graduated from university, there is no need to mention previous education with no connection with the job. So, write your recent academic qualifications, the academic institution you graduated from, and the date.

3. Skills:

Skills are essential to highlight your abilities. This section should include the skills required in the job offer. Depending on the position you have selected, you should write two of the skills mentioned by employers in the job offer and two from your own.

4. Awards and Achievements:

If you have received any promotion or appreciation notes from your previous certifications, you can mention them in a CV. It is necessary to emphasize these achievements by adding them to show that you are an active and hard-working person.

A Sample CV

Name Your Photo

Contact information



Work Experience:

Hotel Manager Assistant, Istanbul Hotels, 2017-2020

missions:-Checking booking services

                 -running hotels official websites

                 -Supervising departments' employees

Receptionist, Ankara Travel Agency, 2015-2017

missions:-Checking appointments

                 -Welcoming visitors

                 -Scheduling tasks


Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Managements, University of Ankara, 2014


Languages: English, Arabic, Turkish

Computer skills :


 Achievements & Awards:

Best Receptionist Award, Ankara Tourism Agency, 2017

Best CV example for jobs in Turkey

These were the essential CV components in Turkey. As you see, writing a profile is not a must, as employers are just interested in the jobs or the degree listed in your CV. A well-crafted CV along with a brief cover letter can help you reach the job you are applying for. After following these guidelines, you can easily write your own CV, with no need to copy any readymade model.


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