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Explore Details of an Employment Contract in Turkey

Any job is based upon mutual arrangements. All of them are mentioned in a job contract. To benefit from legal rights, leaves, and professional advantages, employees/ workers are supposed to fulfill some requested rules. These duties and responsibilities have been determined very clearly by an employment contract. If you want to know what types of responsibilities and obligations are awaiting you, read this article. 

Employment Contracts in Turkey:

employment contracts in Turkey

Some jobs are based upon several requirements and promise to grant some rewards. As an employer, to create balance within the field, there should be a mutual arrangement between you and employees. As many applicants are curious about the work-life and what it involves, sign up to Fratres to know what comes through your application process and career path.

Types of Employment Contracts:

Before wondering about an employment contract’s details, you should understand the various types of the existing contracts:

-Probation Contract: this contract is for entry-level employees that involve a testing period of their performance. A probation contract can turn into a final employment contract in case of success.

-Exchange Contract: in multinational companies, where cooperation exists between two parties, an exchange contract is similar to an Aupair exchange student. It is about hiring an expat in a Turkish employee who is sent elsewhere for sabbatical or foreign training.

-Temporary Contract: this type is for applicants who wish to work for a specific period, under a limited schedule such as a part-time job, seasonal job, a project, etc.

Permanent Contract: Although most employees aspire to advance in their careers, some want to secure a permanent position in a specific field.

All these types depend on the job offer and the applicant’s situation. Now, let’s take a look at an employment contract component:

1.The Candidates Name, ID/Passport Number/ Nationality (optional):

An employment contract is a document related to a specific person. Employers address the applicant by his name and any issued official civil document for payment procedures.

2. Date:

An employment contract includes the date of arranging this commitment.

3.Job title/ Job offer reference/ Workplace:

An employment contract specifies the job and its place.

4. Roles and Responsibilities: 

An employment contract includes the missions, tasks, and responsibilities required for the job.

5.Rules and duties:

An employment contract lists the rules to abide by and the termination procedures or penalties in case of violating them.

6.Leaves and Benefits:

An employment contract includes the conditions of work suspensions and holidays, determining the procedures of requesting them.


An employment contract determines the period of work, the start and end activities, and the possibility of renewing the contract.

8.Signing the pledge:

employment contracy signature 

Both employers and employees sign this arranged contract and issue it under the appropriate institution, with the pledge of sticking to the commitment.

Employees/ Workers Responsibilities

It is legally a must for employees/ workers to fulfill their duties and responsibilities. All the conditions and terms mentioned in contracts or collective bargaining agreements are clearly stated. Every employee/ worker will sign an employment contract before entering employment. Under this document, the responsibilities of employers/ workers towards colleagues are insuring:

  • Mutual respect
  • Confidentiality
  • Collaboration 
  • Safety

What are the responsibilities of employees/ workers towards employers?

An employment contract determines the responsibilities of employers to ensure a better work experience. These duties can be the following:

-Prohibition of working a different work/ task in the office or a different place during working hours of the entitled job. 

-Employees/ Workers must act in accordance with the rules of morality and goodwill during the work.

-In case of employment in the public sector, both employers and employees must notify the Social Security Institution of the situation within one month from the date of employment. This responsibility is on a legal basis. Otherwise, both the employer will be penalized. 

Employers Responsibilities

employers responsibilities

Employers are required to create a safe and legally based work environment. If employers do not fulfill their legal responsibilities, they can be sued by employees. These responsibilities can be the following:

-Employers must ensure workplace safety. It is a must to attend all training related to occupational safety. Factory Jobs in Turkey for Foreigners

-The workplace should comply with all official hygiene safety standards.

-If this work involves hazardous conditions, employers should employ warning signs and insist on workers using safety equipment.

-All devices, machines, or vehicles in the workplace should be controlled by maintenance specialists and should be used in accordance with the rules.

- Employers should bear responsibility for work-related injuries or accidents. On the other hand, workers must strictly comply with the safety rules and precautions to avoid damages. Know All about Social Security inTurkey

-Employers should provide inspections to ensure better working conditions. These inspectors can be managing a specific department. They will check the presence of workers with the appropriate protective equipment.

-Employers should subscribe to the appropriate social security program to reimburse workers for death, handicap, and workplace risks. 

Unemployees Rights in Employment Contracts

employment contracts determine the basic rights of employees and other rights arranged later with employers. The document, for example, can highlight whether employees will receive their legal rights after the termination of the employment contract. In case of accidents, deaths, or injuries that occur in the workplace, workers and their aggrieved parties can resort to the legal rights mentioned in the contract. In the case of protective equipment that is not used in the workplace despite being instructed by the employer, the worker will not be reimbursed for the accident, as found to be responsible.However, if all protective equipment and safety rules are followed, employers will compensate for the worker and his family and cover the treatment costs in case of an accident. What are the Best Jobs in Turkey for Pakistanis

To sum up, an employment contract is an essential document in determining the responsibilities and the mutual arrangements between employers and employees/ workers. This contract includes all the rules to abide by and the legal procedures to preserve the employees' safety and employees’ rights.


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