What are the Best Jobs in Turkey for Pakistanis

Over the recent years, Turkey and Pakistan have strengthened their diplomatic relations. There is no doubt that this unique link would lead to professional projects for both parties. Although Pakistanis are not the most substantial community in Turkey, they managed to launch projects there and acknowledge their existence. So, what are the best jobs for Pakistanis in Turkey?

Pakistanis in Turkey:

Pakistanis students in Turkey

Turkey became very popular for Pakistanis, especially after dubbing its drama to Urdu. Since 2015, Turkey has become the favorite destination for Pakistanis. After exploring the shared culture between the two countries, economic agreements are arranged to include common goals and foreign policies to coexist within the Turkish territories. The Turkish government provided the following:

  • Scholarships to study in Turkey for Pakistani students
  • Fellowship exchanged between experts in both countries.
  • Encouragements to launch projects with the Pakistani identity such as restaurants, hotels with Pakistani standards, Pakistani clothing brands, etc. Pakistan invites Turkey to join $64 billion megaproject.

This future project will facilitate access to both countries in the recent discussion of an agreement to grant dual citizenship to Turks and Pakistanis. On the other hand, the Turkish ambassador to Pakistan recently announced that the Turkish consulate under construction in Karachi will be the largest Turkish consulate anywhere in the world, symbolizing the importance of relations between the two countries. Under these potential goals, Pakistanis have finally earned a place in the Turkish job market. Join Fratres to find out how you can get a job in your dream destination.

Pakistanis and Employment in Turkey:

Employment is limited to certain cities in Turkey. It is concentrated in big and active cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and Antalya. Depending on the concentration of projects and factories there, employment is divided into some geographic areas. Pakistani coming to Turkey for work should consider the following points:

-Apply for a Visa: Pakistani entry to Turkish territory is still conditioned with a visa.

-Online application for a job: It is possible to apply to request the employment of citizens as well as foreigners. Many Turkish and foreign platforms provide this service to make your job search an easy and effective process.

-Providing supporting documents required for your work and residence in Turkey.

Jobs for Pakistanis in Turkey:

Jobs for Pakistanis in Turkey

The opportunities to work in Turkey are now possible for many young people who want to travel abroad. Since the political and economic situation is reassuring a perfect living, Pakistanis are looking for new horizons to study or work there. Pakistanis are attracted to settle in Turkey. Although this small community is not remarkable compared to others, they managed to get employment in the following sector:


Turkey has various civil, chemical, and biological projects. These fields contributed to an excess in the engineering roles. That’s why it is common to find foreigners present in the engineering field, among them Pakistanis.


Export of Turkish goods is an active sector. The field of logistics maintains the export process through various cargo procedures. Pakistanis are involved in this sector.


Although the Turkish language is a predominant language, there are various translation opportunities for foreigners who master more than one language. These jobs require proficiency in Turkish and in other additional languages.

4. Crafts and Clothing:

Jobs for Pakistanis in Turkey

Turkey is known for producing a lot of fabrics and clothing brands. Pakistanis can either work in manufacturing them or selling them. This field is popular in Turkey.

5. Medical Jobs:

There are also many medical opportunities for Pakistanis. Applicants can operate in Turkish clinics provided that they meet the requirements in terms of qualification and experience. Medical applicants can apply in cosmetic medicine and dentistry and hair transplantation, one of Turkey's well-known medical specialties.10 Steps to work in Turkey as a specialist doctor

6. Hospitality jobs:

Hall of stores, trade fairs, exhibitions, tourist offices, all these spaces hire receptionists and hospitality committees. Pakistanis can be hired in these places and for many occasions. Their main mission is to welcome, inform and guide customers as soon as they arrive on site.

7. Teaching jobs :

Although English is not a second language in Turkey, there is a massive effort to learn this language. The Pakistani community is contributing to the spread of learning this language through applying to teaching jobs.

8. IT jobs:

Turkey is moving towards technology development. The field of information technology is considered an international language shared by many specialists. Pakistani from an IT background can apply for this field. Take a look at; Top10 Highly Demanded IT Jobs in Turkey.

9. Pharmaceutical Jobs:

Turkey is also known for its active labs and trustworthy medical products. Many Pakistani pharmacists are working in Turkey. The conditions to apply for this field depend on the vacancies, the applicant’s experience, and the ability to stay and work in Turkey for a prolonged period.

These were the nine best fields in which the Pakistani community can work in Turkey. With all the challenges in the Turkish economy and the falling of the Lira’s price, there are many plans to empower employment in Turkey. 


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