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How Can I Work as a Doctor in Turkey?

Many students from different countries, especially Arabs, dream of enrolling in Turkish universities to study medicine. The medical field in Turkey is very recognized, as its universities offer a great experience with its connection to the labor market. Are you planning to become a doctor? If yes, check out this article to know the best path leading to your dream job.

About Turkish Medical Universities:

Turkey is one of the countries, in which a considerable number of universities are ranking among the best academic establishments in the world. As the quality of education in Turkey is well recognized, many European organizations are financing Turkish scholarships. Medical universities are not excluded from international support to welcome international students. If you have recently completed high school and are planning to become a medical student, join Fratres. Fratres is a website for job seekers, internship seekers, and even graduates to help you craft the best professional plans.

Studying medicine in Turkey gives the student a very high efficiency of studies through modern development and valuable information. These institutes are collaborating with university hospitals, including the best academic professors in the field of medicine. So, various universities in Turkey have attached hospitals for the students to get practical experiences adding to academic studies.

Some private and public universities in Turkey teach medicine and other disciplines in both English and Turkish languages. Other less expensive universities teach in Turkish. 

Both private and public universities in Turkey grant documented certificates enabling graduates to practice medical tasks locally and internationally. Study Medicine in Turkey for International Students

Costs of Studying Medicine in Turkey:

Fees and costs for studying medicine in Turkey vary depending on the type of university, whether public or private, and the type of language taught at the English or Turkish university. Studying medicine in public Turkish universities ranges between 800$ to 3000$ annually, which is undoubtedly less than studying medicine in private universities. The average study of medicine in Turkey in private universities ranges from 15000 dollars to 25000 dollars annually.

The cost of study, living, and housing is not as expensive as other European universities. Students can have some side hustles or part-time jobs with a certain number of weekly and monthly hours during studying medicine in Turkey. Take a look at; 140+ Medicine Scholarships, Fellowships, and grants for international students in Turkey.

How to Become a Med Student?

How to become  a med students

You can enroll in studying medicine in private universities in Turkey without Many conditions. The requirements are:

  • Age: not exceeding 20 years old.
  • Qualifications: obtaining a high school diploma with scores in science, Maths, and English.
  • Passing the YOS exam: this is one of the tests required by some Turkish universities, especially before studying medicine in Turkey.

Conditions for Studying Medicine in Public Turkish Universities

The conditions vary according to the student registration system in Turkish universities. Students wishing to apply for the Turkish scholarship must exceed 90% in high school. Those who are planning to study in Turkish public universities at their own expense should also be laureate students exceeding 90%. Applicants should pass the YÖS test, an entry test, and not an equivalent test to the Turkish Baccalaureate (high school diploma). You need to study and prepare for the test for no less than three months for medical college admission. The test begins in Turkish universities from April to June.  What are some Best Paying Jobs in Turkey

Conditions for Studying Medicine in Public Turkish Universities:

The situation is entirely different concerning studying medical specialties in private Turkish universities in the English language. Private universities do not require high tuition rates. They do not also require any admission/ entry test. Only you can obtain admission with the high school certificate and transcripts. You should also pay the studying fees, depending on the university payment options. Students choose private universities to become after 6 years of studies:

post medical studies in Turkey

  • Plastic surgeons
  • Nutritionists
  • Human doctors
  • Pediatricians.

What papers do you need to apply to study medicine in Turkey?

a potential student should prepare the following papers to apply for medical studies:

-Personal photos of the student applying to study medicine in private universities in Turkey or public universities, with a white background.

-A copy of a valid passport.

-A copy of the student's high school transcript or high school diploma translated into English or Turkish languages.

-A Student CV and a cover letter

Applications to study medicine in Turkey start every year between May and September. Concerning the process, the student should enter the website of the desired university and submit the required documents before the deadline. Every year, the Turkish Universities of medicines determine a specific percentage of vacancies for foreign students, including a set of terms and conditions. If your application is rejected, you can try it next year. You can re-apply again as long as you don't exceed the age limit of public universities. 

Duration of Studying Medicine in Turkey:

medical jobs in Turkey

Medical studies in private or public universities in Turkey take 6 years. During this period, the student should be proficient in English or Turkish based on the university's choice. Language is essential so that the student becomes able to sit for exams, conduct research, and complete training. On the other hand, students who are not fluent in English or Turkish spend a preparatory year medically studying the target language.

The first year of studying medicine in Turkey, in which the students include subjects, in general, some chapters about physics, chemistry, and mathematics. As the study progresses, students begin to specialize little by little in the sciences of anatomy, physiology, and the human body. The following three years will be specialized in pathologies and ways to cure them. By the fifth and the final year, the student will undergo practical training in hospitals attached to private or public universities in Turkey. After completing a bachelor's degree in general medicine, the student may enroll in completing postgraduate studies, such as a Master's study in Turkey or a Doctorate in one of the specializations, dermatology, cardiology, gynecology, etc...

Studying Dentistry in Turkey

The number of years of studying dentistry in Turkey is five years. Dental students in Turkey begin practical exercises in the fourth university year. Students who completed these five years can either work in hospitals, clinics or startup their project by launching their clinics. Graduates can also apply for advanced studies. They can enroll for a Master's study in Turkey or a Doctorate in one of the specializations, dental implants, dental surgery, ortho-dentistry, etc.

Salaries of Doctors in Turkey:

A doctor operating in public hospitals earns three times the average minimum wage of Turkish employment. The salary is between 8000 to 8500 TL. A specialist doctor with seniority at work makes better with fewer working hours. His compensation may exceed 9500 Tl per month.

Doctors in clinics earn per consultation or session, which does not exceed 30$ per hour.

Surgeons in public hospitals in Turkey earn 5800 TL adding 1200 TL per surgical procedure.

These were the pathways to become a doctor in Turkey. If you have failed the YOS exam and cannot afford private universities' studies, consider paramedical branches. This field is recruiting in Turkey.


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