Best Jobs in Turkey for Arabs

Arabs are a strongly noticeable community in Turkey. Many of them are looking for opportunities to work in Turkey, especially Syrians who are escaping the crisis. Despite the difference in language, this neighboring land is sharing many common features in terms of culture, studies, and history. As many Arabs seek to work and reside in Turkey, this article will provide them with all the necessary details and information regarding job opportunities in Turkey.

Arabs in Turkey:

arabs in Turkey

Obtaining a job opportunity in Turkey seems complicated from the point of view of many people. That’s why Fratres is a website that is going to simplify this complexity and guide you with the instructions that should be followed to get a suitable job for you. Any person wishing to find a job in Turkey must implement some legal procedures to find this work. But before that, the applicant should prepare some of his personal documents, including a CV and a cover letter to get the job.

About Working in Turkey

It can be said that work in Turkey is better than several Arab countries in terms of wages, diversity of job opportunities, and their daily availability, especially in the fields of industry and commerce. The current situation does not mean that job opportunities are limited to two fields only ( public or private sectors). Employment for Arabs can be in the field of education, health, tourism, services, or others. Working in Turkey has the advantage of providing its owner with an average income of at least $400. This country is also encouraging foreign investment. There is no surprise in finding Arab employers hiring Arab employees in Turkey. This means any project owner in Turkey can profit and contribute to the recruitment of many profiles. Take a look at; Best jobs in Turkey for Expats.

Working in Turkey is characterized by many features that attract the attention of Arabs, and the most important of these features are:

-Providing health insurance for foreign workers.

-Good wages that are not less than the specified minimum wage of approximately $380.

-Gaining new experiences in various fields of work.

-Later career development for workers, especially if they build a network of relationships in their fields of work.

-Benefiting from the extra wage for working extra hours.

The possibility of finding suitable job opportunities for your fields due to the diversity of specializations of projects, companies, and factories in Turkey.

But these positive advantages can be confronted by some difficulties, as Turkey includes a considerable jobless rate. Some people wonder about the most prominent disadvantages of working in Turkey for the year 2021 as Arabs. The shortcomings can be the following:

-The working hours: the number of working hours may reach 10 working hours per day.

-No paid holidays: the great effort made by workers in some professions may not include paid holidays, as work continues with some breaks in between.

-Inability to get a well-paid job without a degree.

-Low wages are offered by some employers to Arab workers who don’t speak Turkish.

-Job search failure: some job seekers deal with employment agencies to obtain a job in Turkey. This idea is not always safe, as many scammers are misleading applicants.

So after exploring the cons and pros of working in Turkey, here is a list of the possible jobs for Arabs in Turkey.

1.Translation Jobs in Turkey

If you master the Turkish language, you can work as a translator between foreigners and Turkish people. This job is available in firms, media, and diplomatic positions for qualified applicants. It is also considered one of the high-paying jobs. Your monthly salary may exceed the equivalent of $700, and for your information, translation jobs are in great demand. If you face difficulties working in Turkey, how can I get a Job in Turkey?

2.Tailoring workshop jobs in Turkey

tailoring jobs for arabs

Among the widespread jobs today in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, are job opportunities in the field of sewing of all kinds. Whether you have completed an apprenticeship in sewing or completed studies in fashion design, you can simply join one of the tailoring workshops that exist abundantly in Turkey. There are hundreds of job opportunities posted by the owners of sewing workshops where Turkish clothes are in great demand. Payment in this field depends on the quality of your services. If you are working as a sewing worker, you may earn 100$ a week. If you are a fashion designer, you may earn 600$ per month. Salaries change, depending on your experience, how well you master the profession, your performance, and so on.

3. Catering jobs in Turkey

It should be said that there are thousands of restaurants scattered in Turkey. These restaurants provide ethnic food, fast food, or Turkish food. If you are skilled in one of these catering specialties, you will find a good job opportunity in a restaurant or a café. Catering jobs might require a cooking diploma for chef or bakers jobs. They can also include some flexible jobs for waiters, table cleaners, and kitchen porters. Salaries depend on the type of activities and may reach $500 per month on average.

4.Work in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is among the recent fields that have emerged in Turkey. This sector includes remote services that can be requested by tourism, real estate, trade, and other companies. E-marketing requires a small training or apprenticeship before applying to the field, as companies follow specific strategies and look for competent applicants. Some companies require other skills such as proficiency in Turkish and English. Salaries in digital marketing are rewarding and may exceed 500$ per month.

5. Hotel Jobs in Turkey

hotel jobs for arabs

Hotels in Turkey are back to activity. Among the good jobs whose daily wages are not less than $20 are the work in hotels, whether in the reception, cleaning, catering, or other jobs in tourism and hotels in Turkey. To easily find such opportunities, it is necessary to settle in touristic cities such as Antalya, Istanbul, Mersin, Bursa, and others. And if you have a hotel institute certificate with mastery of the Turkish and English languages, you may be among those wanted for such jobs.

If you want to settle and live in Turkey to work there, it is better to learn the basics of the Turkish language and prepare your CV. You can improve your job search techniques by signing up to Fratres and receiving notifications about employment in your target country.


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