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Online Jobs Opportunities in Turkey

Lockdown policies have brought massive changes to the job market. If thousands of businesses have shot down without collapsing this means that there were alternative methods to keep things going. Have you guessed all about today’s topic? It is about freelancing in Turkey. This professional option becomes very popular in Turkey, especially during lockdown. Here is an article about the best online jobs in Turkey.

Work from Home Jobs in Turkey

work from home in Turkey

Freelancing has long existed as a remote way of employment. This professional option may not be relevant in many countries. But, this concept is gradually taking place in Turkey, as many remote work platforms are posting job offers every day. In a country were jobs are very selective and bound to entry exams, online work becomes the escapable way of obtaining a living for:

-Expats who do not master the Turkish language very fluently.

-Stay-at-home moms who failed at competitive exams.

-Job seekers and entry-level applicants who are looking for more professional experiences.

-Students who are looking for side hustles to generate money.

-People with special needs or chronic illnesses that prevent them from operating at a workplace.

As many people are investing time online, it is recommended to sign up to Fratres to better receive the recent professional updates. So without any further ado, let’s check the necessary requirements of online jobs in Turkey.

-Having good internet connection: online jobs require fast internet for better results and punctuality.

-Having the necessary communicative tools: for freelancers who are operating in customer service jobs, tutoring or transcription, they should provide the necessary equipment such as a helm, a mike, a camera. But, some employers provide these tools for freelancers, especially if they are committed to a long-term project.

-Having a degree: some jobs in Finance, law, and other specialties are providing online work for graduates. Some employers are also selecting experienced employees.

Ways to get an online job in Turkey:

Working online requires a job search journey and a considerable effort to reach employers. if you are attracted to the remote work sphere, you should consider the following:

-Networking: you should be relevant in professional websites, especially LinkedIn. This website will help you increase your professional followers and acknowledge your abilities. Make sure to obtain positive reviews and recommendations from previous clients/ employers to increase your visibility online.

-Sell yourself: make an interesting freelance profile and complete the whole form to depict a better version of you. Don’t forget to upload your picture and write an interesting summary including the best qualities and skills you have.

-Craft a virtual CV/ Portfolio: you need to showcase your previous experiences to better reach your target opportunities. If you are a designer, you need to learn how to craft a portfolio

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Online Jobs in Turkey:

Many websites are confined to remote work. As a job seeker, you need to get a job in your field or turn your hobby into a living. There are many choices in online professions provided that you meet the requirements. Here is a list of the possible online jobs:


online jobs in Turkey

Bookkeeping is one of the sought after jobs online in Turkey. No need for qualifications for this job. You need to have strong Math skills, organization skills, and flexibility to obtain this job.


Although bringing news requires mobility and being on the spot. But, through today’s technology, journalists can track the news online, conduct remote interviews, and write about the interesting topics that readers expect. This job can be for skilled people, and graduates in journalism. It also involves a specific kind of press such as Sports news, People, Economy, and a variety of topics.


Translation is one of the online jobs that bring a rewarding salary. Translation might require a graduate in a specific language or a bilingual person. This field is very encouraged in Turkey, as Turkish people are trying to share their heritage with no obligation of learning another language. Take a look at;  Working In Turkey: the Complete Guide

4.Content Writing:

content writing jobs

The growing number of websites and blogs paved the way for content writing to become a profession. Writers specialized in some specific niches can apply and get paid for their services.

5.Consulting Jobs:

Graduates in MBA, or law can work online as business consultants or legal consultants. These professions are very popular in Turkey, as they help in reducing bankruptcy, legal troubles, or financial ups and downs. Consulting services are not only in the field of business and law, they are also including psychologists, couple therapists, and childcare specialists to contribute to social improvement.

6. Computer specialists/ IT specialists:

Cyber security jobs and IT jobs are becoming part of the freelance flag in Turkey. Many small budget companies are recruiting computer specialists and IT graduates online, as they cannot afford offices  to all applicants. Top10 Highly Demanded IT Jobs in Turkey.

7. Data Entry Jobs:

This job is one of the freelance office jobs that require treating data, transcription, and organizing schedules. Data entry jobs do not require any qualifications. It is based on manual skills, paying attention to details and typing in an accurate fast way.

Remote work is one of the professional strategies adopted to operate during lockdown. These were the top 7 online jobs in Turkey that have easy access and less requirements. Freelancers who are interested in remote work should consider job search engines and websites to guide them towards their target jobs.


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