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Best Jobs in Turkey in Management Field

With the growing sectors in Turkey, many ambitious applicants aspire to work in the management field. Are these professions possible with decent qualifications or without a degree? Here is an article presenting the top 10 job opportunities in the management field.

Management in Turkey:

management in Turkey

Many university branches are related to management such as MBA, hotel and restaurant Management, Marketing management, etc…But, within the emerged technologies and the online teaching alternatives, many people thrived to become managers and reach C-suite positions with no college studies. As Turkey is a leading country in foreign investments, there various ways to become a manager whatever is your field:

-Qualifications: the classic logic says that the more you learn, the more you earn. Graduates with higher qualifications are supposed to apply for management positions. Their membership in certain organizations may facilitate their recruitment.

-Career development: employees with seniority at work or through internal candidacy can reach managerial positions.

- Self-employment: every entrepreneur usually manages his/ her own business. Any business owner can become the business manager of the project be it a local citizen or a foreigner.

After understanding the occasions, in which you can become a manager in any professional field, sign up to Fratres to discover the in-demand managerial jobs in Turkey.

1.Accountant Manager:

Little is known about the profession of an account manager, but it is beginning to rise in the labor market. An increasing number of companies in Turkey are looking for profiles that correspond to account managers. The main mission of this managerial job is to develop strategic accounts, supervise and oversee a number of average accountants, heading a specific department in monetized institutions. Following career pathways to become an account manager, this job requires qualifications and to build action plans specific to each account and assess any risks. Interested in accounting? Here is How to Write CoverWrite a Cover letter for an Accountant Job?

2. PMP Project Manager (Project Management Professional)

project manager

In the IT sector, PMP are these developers who oversee a software project from A to Z. They are also called Information Technology (IT) Project Managers. These people monitor the progress of the project to meet critical deadlines, standards, and cost targets. Project managers can also plan a company's IT policies, as it is included in the profile of computer and information systems managers.

3. Brand Manager:

Turkey is a leading country in manufacturing clothing and cosmetic brands. The increased number of industries is considering hiring a brand manager. With the development of new advertisement methods, this profession has become trendy. A brand manager’s main role consists in supporting a brand in the development of its image: it is about creating a link between the brand and the general public. A brand-manager works alongside the marketing department to set a brand communication strategy. Applicants for this job can be previous advertising agents, graphic designers and digital marketers. Their background enables them to create a strong digital brand identity and identify the new challenges of competing with other industries.

4. Community Manager

The community manager is one of the online jobs that consist of dealing with a remote and virtual community. It is very popular in Turkey and essential for business growth. Its mission is to unite Internet users around areas of interest. A community manager can be hired for the benefit of a brand manager. That is, he/ she leads and provides information to internet followers in order to develop a brand's presence online. But, the role here is to take care of the company’s brand image he is in charge of, especially on social networks for both the general public and professional.

5. Traffic Manager

A traffic manager is responsible for generating traffic on a website. SEO, campaign management on affiliate networks and web analysis of the site for which he is responsible are some of the missions. Traffic managers must optimize the levers for acquiring traffic on the web, in order to increase its visibility and ranking online.

6. DPM: Data Protection Manager

A data protection manager (DPM) is also commonly called the data protection officer (DPO). This is a new profession in Turkey, as it is also new in Europe and brought through new regulatory constraints and standards such as the Data Protection Act (2004), and the European data protection regulation (2018). The data protection manager's primary mission is to secure personal data (reception, storage, conservation, etc.) which are processed by various virtual structures. The profession of a data protection manager also relates to cyber security organizations and operates along with database administrators.

7. Restaurants/ Hotel Managers:

Catering and accommodation projects are relevant in Turkey. The owners of these projects can hire managers to supervise work, oversee the working staff, and also hire new workers. Restaurant and hotel managers can be qualified with an apprenticeship in a specific field, or can reach this position without any degree but through experience and work. Take a look at; Top 10 Best Hotel Jobs in Turkey

8. Music Managers:

Turkey has a considerable music industry participating every year in the Eurovision Competition. Music managers are one of the careers that contribute to the music industry. They finance music projects, manage festivals and competitions, supervise auditions. They also work on the branding of their music and artists and manage music projects.

9. HR Manager:

HR manager

 The HR field includes various profiles to help in the selective recruitment process. A HR manager is responsible for the performance and the training of employees. He/ she also set strategies for skills development, career shift, and retake programs. HR managers are essential in improving and developing the job market and they keep creating a competitive and effective recruitment process.

10. Business Manager:

Last but not least, business managers are technically required in the majority of business projects and companies. They set business strategies, evaluate the production rate, and ensure the stability or the increase of purchases. Business Managers can be qualified in commerce, MBA, finance, or self-employed entrepreneurs.

These were the top 10 managerial jobs in Turkey. The field of management is an essential part of the job market. Despite the change and the disappearance of certain careers, management is still present in the IT, business and catering and accomodation industries.



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