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Working In Turkey: the Complete Guide

Despite facing some economic challenges, Turkey is still a professional destination for fresh graduates, artisans, investors, and workers. After the pandemic, the Turkish government has promised to improve the labor market. Many projects are opening various opportunities with generous salaries. So, how would you reach them? Do you want to work in Turkey, but you don’t know how? Here is a guide on working there.

Jobs in Turkey:

jobs in Turkey

Like many countries, employment in Turkey depends on the sector. Some jobs are public. Others belong to the private sector. With the increasing population in Turkey, employment becomes very competitive and relies on several elective procedures:

1.Competitive Exam: In banking, teaching, state administrations, and public transport services, there is an annual exam or test to filter a certain number of competent applicants. Some exams require an age limit, such as jobs related to the police and military services ranks.

2.Clean criminal record: the majority of jobs in Turkish employment require a clean criminal history.

3.Turkish citizenship: Some professional fields are for Turkish citizens only. Despite the active presence of foreigners in the Turkish job market, citizenship is a must in military and police jobs.

Not overpassing 40 years old: Access to government employment is conditioned by a specific age. Due to the jobless rate, public employment can be hard for fresh graduates. The possibility of passing competitive exams is not easily guaranteed. That’s why the Turkish government determines a specific age limit to apply for public jobs. 

4. Proficiency in Turkish: Although Turkish is not a must when you operate in an international company or work with foreign staff, it is still required in fields related to Turkish people, such as front office jobs, in which you deal with Turkish people, or teaching in Turkish schools.

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Jobs in Turkey after the Pandemic:

The pandemic has brought many changes to the job market. In Turkey, the government applied severe policies to limit the spread of the virus without affecting the productivity rate. Many fields are back to activity after a period of interruption. Others play a salient role in the circuit of the Turkish economy and settled new strategies to continue working under the pandemic risks. To know the essential changes and updates about employment in your target destination, join Fratres. Since many job seekers are curious to know about employment in Istanbul, here is a list of the necessary specialties and fields recruiting in Turkey:


Trade is an active field in Turkey. With thousands of trades schools and institutes, every year, there is a promotion of new apprentices engaged in the Turkish labor market. This field prepares workers for two to four years and provides work for 

  • Tradesman
  • Carpenters 
  • Welders
  •  Plumber
  •  Electricians, 
  • Construction workers
  • factory workers

2. Administrative and Support Service Activities:

support service activities

Administrative work in Turkey facilitates several procedures such a; enrolling in schools and institutes, getting a specific service, reinitialization of passports, official documents, car documents, etc... This field provides jobs as: 

  • Archivists
  • Municipal Agents : 
  • Administrative employees, including head offices.
  • Legal, accounting, management positions

3. Hotel and Catering Jobs:

Istanbul is a vibrant tourist destination. The increased number of hotels and restaurants there provided new job opportunities for catering apprentices and workers. Hotels are also part of the accommodation services that provide the best vacation experience for visitors and promote the country’s image. Take a look at; Top 10 Best Hotel Jobs in Turkey

4. Transport and Warehousing (Logistics):

Turkey has a rich transport sector and an abundance is warehouse and logistics companies. This field ensures the transport of goods and people to various destinations. This sector involves multiple profiles and provides the following employment: 

  • Delivery driver
  • Bus driver
  • Metro driver
  • Train conductor
  • Marine worker
  • Navy officer
  • Boatman or sailor
  • Airline pilot
  • Transit agent
  • Logistics agent
  • Professional packer
  • Distribution agent
  • warehouse manager
  • Operations manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • Stock manager

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Medical Jobs: 

medical jobs

 After the pandemic, the medical field is becoming more active. Turkish clinics and hospitals are announcing a shortage in some medical staff and specialists. The major sought after medical profiles in Turkey include: 

Construction Projects and Technical Supplies:

Turkey is a land that works to house its large population and invest its space for projects. This field opened the path for architectural, engineering, and technical services to complete the planned tasks.

Manufacture of Food, Drink, and Tobacco products (food industry);

Many Turkish products are present in specific markets. Turkish factories in Istanbul are processing goods to meet the population's needs. Food and drink factories guarantee employment for:

  •  workers
  • Specialists in Gastronomy
  • food controllers

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Agriculture and Fishing;

 the Turkish natural resources are providing a living for thousands of villages. Cotton and olive territories need manual labor. Many people are also working in the fishing industry and investing in sea goods.

In the end, after the pandemic, various fields are back to activity. Istanbul is one of the active places filled with opportunities in Turkey.


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