Phone Job Interview in Turkey

When recruiters see from the first lines of your cover letter or CV that you match the job, they will try to communicate with you. A job interview is always the next step of every application. This meeting may take various types. Many applicants are viewing job interviews as a tough investigation and hard Q and A session. Whatever the job interview, there are always tips and tricks to overcome hardships. Here is an exclusive article to prepare for telephone job interviews in Turkey.

Telephone Job Interviews in Turkey:

Some employers cannot afford a face-to-face meeting. This goes for various reasons such as not having the possibility to shift for interviewing applicants. As a telephone is considered one of the effective tools of communication, a job interview can be done through the phone. As an applicant, you need to prepare for this event. If you are looking for the best job interview tips and guidelines, sign up to Fratres.

Advantages of a Telephone Interview:

advantages of a telephone interview

As a candidate, you need to view things from the bright side. A phone interview has various benefits for you. Let's look from the bright side to inform you why you should not worry about this interview.

1.You will not worry about the Dress Code:

As an applicant who has an important meeting, choosing the right outfit for a job interview can be frustrating. With the trendy fashion and the necessity for looking perfect, you may take time to get ready for the day. But, through a phone interview, you will dispense with these preparations. You may conduct this interview in your bed with your Pajamas. You will be in your comfort zone. Take a look at; Turkey Job Interview Tips

2.You will not worry about your body language:

A phone interview is remote communication. It is also invisible. That is, your employer cannot tell whether you are stressed, robotic, worried, through your body language. This is also good news for introverted people who don't appreciate face-to-face meetings.

3. An economic conversation:

Many applicants spend money buying new clothes for the meeting, taking taxis or any costly transport to be on time. A phone interview will not cost you a penny, as everything will take place at your home.

4. Possibility of cheating:

Although cheating is not recommended, a phone interview may enable you to have your prepared answers and CV in front of you. This method will come in handy to help you avoid confusion while answering common interview questions.

After checking these advantages, let's learn how to prepare for a phone job interview. You may also read; Explore Details of an Employment Contract in Turkey

Phone Interview Preparations:

Preparation is essential in getting the best results. As an applicant expecting a phone job interview, you need to provide your checklist and make the necessary preparations to ace the job.

1.Know where and when to pick up the phone

While you are looking for a position and waiting for a response on the many applications you have sent, a number you do not know is calling. It may be a recruiter! That's why you should know where and where to answer the phone. To decrease stress about this expected meeting, you can use some mobile applications revealing the source of your phone calls. This method will help you identify whether you are answering a job-related call or another person's call. Top 10 Truecaller Alternatives You Can Use

2.Prepare for your phone interview questions:

phone interview questions

As an active job seeker who has applied for several jobs, you should prepare some common job interviews and make some expectations. Usually recruiters divide their questions under three categories:

  • Questions revolving around your application: Why do you want to work in this company?
  • Questions related to you: employers can ask about your weaknesses, strengths, your ability to deal in a specific situation, and your expectations, such as what are your salary expectations? Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Questions about the company's culture/ work policies: employers will ask you how you would contribute to the field and follow the policies.

3. Conduct research about the job you have applied for:

To better structure your answers, you need to understand the job offer and the roles and responsibilities. Don't hesitate to take notes about the company, the job, or anything that isn't clear to you. During a telephone interview, no one will see your notes, allowing you to remember important information or key figures. For example, during your preparation, read the job offer and learn a little about the company and the industry. You will have to mention 2 or 3 elements during your telephone interview. When does the recruiter ask you what interests you about the company? You can easily set a good impression by bringing out the values ??of the company.

4. Find a quiet spot to have your phone interview

You will need to find a noise-free place to make your call. Choose an indoor and quiet room. Especially do not call back when you are in transport, on the street, or walking. If you are already working in a job, choose a place where your colleagues will not be able to hear you. Being indoors in a quiet location will save you additional stress.

5.Promote your skills during the telephone interview

phone interview tips

Remember that the recruiter is contacting you because your CV and cover letter reveal your eligibility for the job. A telephone interview is there to validate essential points. So now is the time to highlight your skills. Briefly describe your background and why you applied for the job. Focus on your skills, but don't repeat a ready-made answer. Let the recruiter have their say, as they will probably want to expand on certain points. Be clear, concise, precise, and do not exaggerate in answering the questions.

These were the top 5 tips to ace a telephone interview in Turkey. Be sure of yourself; speak with confidence. Do not forget the smile, as employers can feel your attitude over the phone. 


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