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Jobs in Turkey for Mechanical Engineers

Turkey is one of the most important countries in the field of engineering. Studying mechanical engineering in Turkish universities is considered one of the advanced disciplines, as this country has made a great qualitative leap in this field. The Turkish mechanical achievement has made the Turkish universities a destination for all foreign students. What can be the possible career pathways for mechanical engineering graduates? Let's find out:

Studying Mechanical Engineering in Turkey:

Studying mechanical engineering in Turkey:

Engineering takes 4 years of college studies. This field is associated with various services and industries to provide the latest mechanical means. Turkey is giving great concern for the mechanical field. It has a strong marine system that hires thousands of mechanical applicants, local and foreign factories for manufacturing machine tools and aerospace projects dedicated to engineers. This specialization leads to a promising future in Turkey and expanding towards international mechanical engineering projects. Usually, the graduates of this major are hired as mechanical engineers. If you are concerned about jobs related to a specific major, join Fratres. This website is addressing graduates, who are curious to know about jobs in some professional fields. Take a look at; Turkish Mechanical Projects. 

What is a Mechanical Engineer?

The profession of a mechanical engineer is part of the Engineering field. A mechanical engineer can also be part of the research and development department, where work is shared with other engineers and technicians. These engineers are responsible for the research of materials and technologies for the design of new machines. They also design products or process innovations. They can interfere in the monitoring of the development or the mechanical testing phase, and the management of the industrialization of the product until it goes into production.

 Mechanical Engineer Job Description

Fratres includes all the useful information about your dream job. As many graduates are interested in mechanical engineering jobs, studies, training, and salary, a detailed list of the job description includes the required qualities and skills.

A mechanical engineer allows the production of all technical industrial products. His primary task is to design a product or a machine's overall plan and choose the most suitable materials for its manufacture. After that, a mechanical engineer checks the resistance of the machine parts subjected to specific functions. The testing phase will reveal whether the created design conforms to the specifications or requires some modifications. In the methods department, the mechanical engineer specifies the machines required for the production. In the manufacturing department, he is responsible for the smooth running of a workshop where he offers assistance and technical advice. A mechanical engineer can have a set of machines under his responsibility for maintenance and improvement.

Education and Training

education and training

There are many Turkish universities teaching mechanical engineering in English. The best of them are; Bo?aziçi University, Koç University, Ozyegin University, and Bilkent University. After 4 years of engineering studies, the graduate obtains a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. This qualification is followed by six months of internship and training in various manufactures or companies. Concerning recruitment, graduates can apply for a job after sitting for a competitive exam to get hired in the public sector. For those interested in medical jobs, take a look at; How Can I Work as a Doctor in Turkey?

Qualities and Skills Needed in a Mechanical Engineer:

This job is for those who love experiments and innovative creations. It requires a set of skills and qualities to reach success. As an applicant, you need:

-Technical skills: these skills allow you to work in different departments of a company and ensure the follow-up of a product from its design to its production.

-Innovation and creativity : these are essential factors in gaining the market and developing the mechanical industry.

-Problem-solving skills: a mechanical engineer is always under great pressure to be at the forefront of technology.

-Computing skills: a mechanical engineer should have a piece of in-depth knowledge in all areas of technology such as using computer tools and calculation software. A

-Communication skills and teamwork: a mechanical engineer should operate in relation to various interlocutors. That's why he must show great ease in communication and management.

Can foreigners work as Mechanical engineers in Turkey?

Of course, foreigners can be present in any professional field in Turkey. As there are many private projects and investments recruiting foreigners, these are the steps to work in Turkey: -Preparing the required documents for the equivalence, which are the following:

  • A Bachelor's degree attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs translated into Turkish.
  • A Transcript authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs translated into Turkish.
  • A high school diploma certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs translated into Turkish .
  • A valid passport is translated
  •  An official consent of attorney for the purpose of the equivalency procedures, translated and documented at the Turkish embassy.
  • An initial work contract; you can provide after applying online.

-After submitting the required documents, you pass the equivalency exam, which takes place in the month of July. The exam can be entered during the year in which the certificates are examined. Take a look at; Best jobs in Turkey for Expats

Mechanical Engineer Salaries in Turkey:

A mechanical engineer operating in the public sector earns up to 8200 TL per month. While engineers working in the foreign or private sector can have a salary ranging between 1000 to 2000 $, equivalent to 17000 TL. These salaries depend on qualification and seniority at work.

What to Do after Mechanical Engineering?

careers after graduation in Turkey

After having worked in a design office for several years, the mechanical engineer can become a manufacturing engineer or a project manager. He may also be called upon to practice in larger companies. He can be hired in large companies in the automotive, aeronautic, mechanical, chemical sectors, etc.

These were the possible pathways of a mechanical engineer in Turkey. All the best to those who are preparing for the competitive exam these days.


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