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What are the Highest Paying Jobs in Turkey for Unskilled Workers ?

Have you dropped out of school? Are classified as unskilled, non-eligible, disconnected with the requirement? Do you have future worries and regrets for not getting a degree, obtaining an apprenticeship, or even have any talent? If yes, do not worry, thousands of people like you, or even worse, have landed a job in Turkey. Despite the tough employment there, many opportunities are possible for people without a specific degree or skill.

Jobs in Turkey without a Degree:

jobs without a degree in Turkey

Many people have a clear impression this job is suitable for them. But, the published offer is quite demanding, especially in Turkey. In a land that crosses 60 millions of the population, jobs are limited to people fluent in Turkish, qualified, or experienced. What would be the case of not meeting these three basic criteria? In today’s article, you will learn how to better sell yourself without having the right profile. It is not a difficult mission. Let’s learn about the exclusive ticks to get a job without meeting the requirements and without cheating! Here are 12 Great Ways How to be Successful Without College

1.Overcome Your Skills Shortage:

Every applicant has weaknesses and strengths. There is no such a thing of being completely unskilled. Every person has a special talent and has a set of abilities useful for a job. You might be unskilled in speaking Turkish, using technical devices, or in mastering manual labor. But on the other hand, you have some soft skills that can be dammed in the Turkish labor market.

2. Showcase Your Soft Skills

Soft skills are part of your personal qualities that can be easily mastered. Unskilled people who do not have all the necessary requirements for a position, should highlight these in a CV. Many jobs are based on interpersonal skills, soft skills, team spirit, emotional intelligence, creativity, etc ... All of these qualities are valuable in Turkey and might help you start your career without a degree. Take a look at; How can I get a Job in Turkey?

3. Learn While Working:

There is no better teacher other than your job! Once hired and exposed to the daily tasks, you will automatically improve. You will increase your knowledge, shape your personality, and build a professional network that will accredit your skills, not your degree. Professional experience is sometimes valued more than a degree. So, try to get experience and learn while working. If you are looking for the best ways to get employment in your dream destination, join Fratres.

Jobs for Unskilled People in Turkey:

best jobs with transferable skills

Despite the pandemic, professional options are still available for people who didn’t develop their skills. It is worth to note that Turkey has welcomed thousands of refugees, who didn’t complete studies, or even were able to speak Turkish.  Here is a list of the top 7 jobs that do not demand a set of skills and degrees.

1.In-store workers/ Retail workers

Many shops in Turkey are recruiting in-store workers or retail workers, to serve customers and maintain the shops. The workers' tasks do not demand so many skills. The job consists of welcoming customers, collecting items, and putting them on the shelves. The skills that you will develop in this field are; 

  • increasing the sense of organization
  • decoration
  •  communication with customers.

 2. Order picker

Order pickers in Turkey work in marketing projects or in Delivery companies. They collect the goods, wrap them, prepare parcels, and bring them to the shipping department. It is a job that requires a good dose of energy as well as a good physical condition to carry heavy materials.


 Although activities in cafés and restaurants are controlled by lockdown policies, this job is possible for people with decent skills. Working as a waiter will teach you flexibility, customer-service, and organization.

4. Kitchen worker:

Inside every kitchen, catering workers perform various tasks. They prepare food ingredients, set the plates, wash the dishes, and store vegetables and fruits. This job requires strong cleaning skills, organization. It doesn’t have contact with customers. It is limited to the kitchen team. It is flexible as well; workers can work part-time as kitchen workers, or assistants.

5. Housekeeper:

Housekeepers generally work for individuals. In Turkey, there are many agencies recruiting housekeepers with some characteristics. Some clients require a live-in housekeeper. Others are looking for workers coming twice a week. This job is usually targeting women and includes various tasks such as, cleaning, gardening, or car washing.

6. Security Guard

The security sector recruits in Turkey without a diploma. Many companies, institutes, or any building are looking for security guards to increase protection. This job doesn’t require specific skills, other than looking after the building and controlling the entry of strangers. In some places, this job requires a clean criminal record and a copy of your ID or passport. The main tasks of the security guard are access controls and surveillance rounds.

7. Urban Cleaning Workers

urban chain workers in Turkey

This type of employment is usually accessible through Turkish municipalities. This job is essential to maintain the beauty of the city and the protection of the environment in general. Urban cleaning workers operate to ensure the decoration of public spaces. They usually take care of sidewalks, roads, and public gardens. Turkish municipalities are encouraging environmental care by financing recycling projects, looking after homeless dogs, and picking up green waste. Depending on the tasks performed, urban cleaning workers might be required to obtain a driving license to carry bulky items left in the street and household wastes. Take a look at; Which Jobs are Popular in Turkey?

These were the top 7 jobs for unskilled people in Turkey. These professions do not require a degree. They depend on the season or on the client's need for domestic work. The majority of these jobs are provided through worker’s agencies specialized in recruiting housekeepers or waiters. One final caution; beware the scammers, when applying for these jobs. Some people unable to speak Turkish reported that they were scammed by fake agencies. So always conduct research on the job you are going to apply for and do not submit your original papers or pay money to irrelevant offices or people.


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