Turkey Job Interview Tips

When your CV is selected, some recruiters will invite you for a job interview. This meeting exists in various types. Depending on the situation, your job interview can be face to face, or in a remote way. To make a final selection among the candidates, Turkish employers conduct job interviews. Since you are a potential applicant, you need to make some preparations for the Day. Here is an article showing the best tips to ace a job interview in Turkey.

Turkey Job Interview Guide:

Turkey Job Interview Guide:

Getting a job is not an easy task. You may send dozen of applications and feel that there is no point in applying for other offers until receiving feedback for the previous applications. Many job seekers get about 15 applications rejected before they are finally hired. So, don't stop applying until you get the job. You can reach this level by better answering your job interview questions. As this procedure is essential in selecting the final candidates, Fratres will reveal the best guidelines for your upcoming meeting. Are you still looking for a job? Here Are Some Best Paying Jobs in Turkey?

1. Pay Attention to Your CV Details

A recruiter is always looking for a specific profile meeting the job offers. If you are invited to a job interview, this means that your CV has finally attracted your recruiter. As you are curious about this meeting, you should expect some questions about those related to your CV details. So, try to make a quick reminder of things listed there. You can also check what you have put in your cover letter to show that you have the necessary skills and experience.

2. Dress for the Occasion:

Turkey is a leading country in manufacturing clothes. Dressing options are various and numerous. That’s why you need to dress appropriately for the day. Choose a professional outfit suitable for the situation. Take a look at it.Best jobs in Turkey for Expats

3. Provide an Extra Copy of Every Document:

It’s good to bring a copy of everything you have submitted to the application. You might need these documents for any procedure such as preparing your work contract, your official file. Employers might ask for any subsidiary document, especially if you are a foreigner and need to prove your eligibility for the job. These copies may also help you earn time to not return to another appointment to confirm your hiring process. Take a look at; Working In Turkey: the Complete Guide

4. Improve your Turkish Language:

Turkey is a country that doesn’t employ any second language. If you are a foreigner, you might be obliged to learn the basics and terms of the job. Try to improve your Turkish language by practicing it as much as you can. Employers will appreciate the effort of communicating with them through their own language. This will help you get integrated with your future teamwork and earn a better impression. Check all about  Turkey Work Visa

 5. Prepare the Answers to Common Interview Questions:

interview tips & preparations

Whatever the tricks employers use to make this meeting original, they will not dispense from the typical interview questions. you can expect questions that:

  • Highlight your skills: for example, employers may ask you questions such as, what are your biggest strengths? What are your tips for better communication? 
  • Test your knowledge: Some jobs require knowledge in certain areas such as, explain your project:, or express your future plans.

6. Speak Intelligently about your Experience/ Internship:

Employers are interested in your abilities and how you would deal in a professional setting. That’s why they inquire about the experiences. If you are an entry-level applicant, you should not worry about this situation. This is a background that will give you some credibility such as, your previous volunteering experience, internship, or even some accomplishments that can impress employers.

7. Conduct Research about your Potential Workplace:

It is essential to know the environment in which you are applying for. Seeking to learn more about your future workplace demonstrates good motivation and a willingness to get the job. This research will also enable you to express better your awareness of the work culture and your ability to stick to the rules.

8. Mind your Body Language:

body language in a job interview

Personality matters in some professions, especially that front-office job that has contact with various people. A job interview is not deeply based on your answers. Your attitude, your tone of voice, your gestures can tell a lot about your personality. That’s why you need to pay attention to your body language so that employers do not get discouraged about hiring you.

9. Be Yourself

This advice is essential to every meeting and job interview. So, whether it is a face-to-face meeting or a first skype contact, you should neither pretend nor overvalue yourself. Candidates who have the unfortunate habit of repeatedly justifying themselves will give a bad impression; by presenting themselves far superior to all other candidates.

10. Prepare your Questions at the End of the Job Interview:

As a job seeker, you must be prepared to answer the various questions about your skills in bringing something to the job. But, employers, in the end, want to hear from you. If you have any questions about the job, try to keep them until you can talk about them. This stage will enrich your conversation with employers, as you will approach the job from your own perspective. Feel free to ask about whatever you want. But, avoid questions related to the salary or any financial advantages. For example, focus on questions related to how you can get a promotion in your career path or any alternative way to do some specific tasks.

These were the top 10 tips to get prepared for a job interview meeting in Turkey. These tips are applicable to foreign and local candidates. They are also helpful in passing any official meeting related to your future professional purposes.



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