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Top 10 Best Careers for Graduates in Turkey

Like every year, thousands of young people will graduate from various universities. This good news is always facing one of the biggest fears, which is finding a good job. Turkey has a unique education system and well-recognized degrees. But, there are some challenges in getting the first job there. As it is time for graduation and Prom parties, here is an article for ambitious graduates about deciding the perfect career in Turkey:

How to Hunt for a Job as a Newbie?

Being a fresh graduate means being without experience. This is the situation of many graduates who have a decent CV and try to land a first job. So, the best career advice for this category is to work on the following:

1.Strategic job search:

 A job will not come to your door. You need to search for it and sell yourself to employers. That's why every applicant needs to elaborate an effective job search plan that filters out the possible jobs. In this stage, you should consider Fratres as a reliable website to find your first career.

2.Attractive CV:

Despite the absence of actual job experience, you should focus on the best keywords to make your CV stand out. Try to focus on the most in-demand skills that will grab the recruiter’s attention.

3.Volunteer for a Job:

If you couldn’t afford to land the first job, don’t miss the opportunity of practicing your skills in a volunteer experience. This strategy will help you build a network that might lead you to a real job.

What are the possible jobs for potential applicants?

Graduates can be from various professional specializations. Some majors can be in demand and can lead to direct recruitment. Others are conditioned by the needs of the population and the estimated vacancies. Turkey is known for facing some economic challenges due to the increased number of refugees. The dark side of this attractive land is its employment of the Turkish language in the majority of the fields and the selective recruitment process. In light of the changing economic conditions and the crisis emanating from the pandemic, here are the main entry-level jobs available in Turkey:

1.IT Jobs:

The IT field is recruiting nowadays. Working as a software systems developer is at the top of the best professions for graduates in Turkey. Experience is not a must-have in the majority of the vacancies. As a result, many IT jobs are considered entry-level, encouraging the recruitment of new applicants.

2. Veterinary Jobs:

Have you noticed how clean and well-fed dogs and cats are in Istanbul? The truth is there is an active veterinary staff in each Turkish municipality to take care of street animals. Veterinary jobs are now in gradual demand in Turkish farms and villages, as this land is working to protect its animal resources. Recruitment is available for entry-level applicants who can take good care of animals.

3.Translation jobs:

Since many foreign investments are launched in Turkey, from foreign media to medical tourism, there is an increased demand for translators specializing in German, Arabic, and English.

4. Marketing

Sales are one of the most active jobs in Turkey. For new university graduates specializing in marketing, there are plenty of entry-level jobs in sales. They can submit their applications to various companies, looking for new talents who can increase purchases.

5. Nursing jobs

Nurses and other medical staff are increasing in Turkey. The defect in this area is that salaries are not the same for all the nursing categories. But, in general, nursing is a great career to follow, as there is no entry exam and experience required. Are you interested in becoming a doctor? If yes, check; How Can I Work as a Doctor in Turkey?

5. Electrical engineering

electrical engineering jobs

If you are able to create, test and electrical design equipment, you will get an entry-level job in one of the electrical supply chains. Many engineering graduates are on the list of the most recruiting fields. Since electricity is a vital source of energy, many graduates thrived on landing their first jobs. Take a look at; Jobs in Turkey for Mechanical Engineers

6. Accounting

Accounting companies are one of the top ten companies in Turkey. Entry-level accountants are hired for auditing, taxes, and accounting companies. These opportunities are available in private accounting companies. Public accounting jobs require passing a competitive exam.

7. Chemical engineering

Turkey is a leading country in producing soaps, detergents, and shampoos. These industries have opened the path for entry-level chemical applicants. There are also many opportunities related to emerging industries such as soil fertilizers, chemical productions, and biotechnology. There are many options in manufacturing centers and labs as well.

8. Law Jobs

law jobs

Law is related to various purposes. An entry-level applicant can apply for various legal services, such as a legal consultant or lawyer. They can also join some social organizations active in human rights. To reach the best job opportunities, you will need excellent grades or a university degree from a prestigious university.

9. Biomedical Engineering

The area of ??biomedical engineering is expanding not only in Turkey, but also worldwide. This field corresponds to the vital medical needs, the increased healthcare industries, and medical devices. Graduates in Biomedical engineering can better contribute to the medical and veterinary health balance by employing the recent technologies in the biomedical industry.

10. Human Resources

HR jobs

If you have a college degree in HR, you can easily get entitled to one of the entry-level positions. Fresh applicants can be hired as HR Assistants or consultants. Once they gain experience, they can advance in career and rise to get hired as HR specialists.

These were the top 10 specialties awaiting recent graduates in Turkey. These jobs are in constant demand and some of them may not require an entry exam.



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