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How to Write Cover letter for an Accountant Job?

Accountants are qualified applicants who can get recruited in various institutions and firms. Are you derived from an accounting background, and you want to land a job? Like all ambitious job seekers, getting a job is not about qualification. Nowadays, more than 70% of applicants are graduates from well-recognized universities. The available opportunities in Turkey are not totally covering the number of graduates. That's why a perfect application process requires a level of effort in reaching out to employers. After crafting your CV, it's time to work on an accountant cover letter. Let's get started!

A Cover Letter Writing Tips:

cover letter writing tips

A cover letter becomes one of the essential parts of any job application. Be it an experienced applicant or a fresh one, and this letter needs to be present to catch the recruiter's attention. As you know, a CV is not enough to present your professional abilities better. Communication with employers along with a CV can do magic to your application. It is recommended that all your applications include a cover letter unless the job posting gives you different instructions. A cover letter is a document attached with your CV when applying for a job. It acts as a personal introduction to help you get an interview. A cover letter is necessary, as it highlights why you are the best candidate for this job. You do this by showing relevant skills and experiences. For more cover letter guidelines, sign up to Fratres

1.Consider a Cover Letter format :

To avoid confusion, cover letters should complement and not duplicate your resume/ CV content. When it comes to the length of cover letters, the shorter, the better they are. Generally, from three to five short paragraphs, cover letters should not exceed one page. If you are sending your cover letter online, but the text in the body of your email instead of an attachment to prevent it from being detected by spam filters.

2.Write your first Draft:

All applicants do not have a readymade cover letter model or a copy-pasted letter from websites. Competent applicants rely on their writing skills to make a genuine cover letter that suits their professional situation. You have the right to follow a specific example, but you should not identically copy it. The mission of writing an accountant cover letter is not that complicated, as it is a single page. You may also read; Working In Turkey: the Complete Guide

3. Prepare your Letter's sections:

cover letter for accountants

A cover letter highlights your suitability for the job. It is usually divided into the following sections:

  • First paragraph: the opening sentence should explain why you are writing the letter. Start by stating the position you're applying for, where you saw the posting, and when you can start.
  • Second paragraph: explain why you are a good fit for the job, what attracts you to this position, and what you can do in case you obtain the job. You can highlight relevant experiences and skills, matching the requirements of the job description.
  • The last paragraph: use this closing paragraph to invite employers to check your CV. You can indicate that you would like to have a personal conversation or a job interview soon. thanking the employer and saying that you look forward to receiving a response.

4.Proofread your Cover Letter

When you're done, read the letter and delete unnecessary words and phrases. Do not fill in the field by repeating what you have already said on your CV. you may also read; Factory Jobs in Turkey for Foreigners.

Cover Letter Sample (For fresh graduates)

cover letter examples

 Dear Sir,


My name is Asin Guget. I am writing this letter to express my intention to work in the accounting position suggested by the hiring officers. This job is matching my qualifications and personal traits and where my skills fit your company's perspective.

 After obtaining my Bachelor's degree in accounting, I was constantly looking for a job. My internship was achieved 6 months ago in a financing firm, meant for small projects. During these 6 months, I obtained a clear idea about organizing customer's files, opening and closing accounts, and studying the firm's global revenues. After this decent experience, I learned new skills, especially using several accounting software, protecting the company's confidential files, and meeting the company's target.

I am applying for an accountant job, with the intention to develop my skills and practice the tasks and the missions mentioned in the job description. I am ready for all kinds of probations and tests if I seem too young for the job.

Please, take a look at my CV. I hope that my decent application will be answered positively. I am looking forward to getting an invitation to a job interview to discuss this candidacy. Thank you for your time interest.

Best regards,


Address, Phone, Email

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Cover Letter Example (Experienced)

Dear Sir,

My name is Hanna Said. I am an accountant with five years of experience in an import and export Textile firm. I am glad to apply as an accountant specialized in one of the biggest Turkish industries. As a candidate who has previously worked on many projects, I am interested in the Accountant position announced on your company's official website.

As an experienced applicant, I have developed many skills and abilities in managing the accounts of textile orders, organizing the bills of international clients, and calculating the firm revenues. I believe that my decent experience will open the path for various professional opportunities. After the pandemic, there was a limitation of exporting Turkish textile elsewhere. My accounting skills helped me save the firm from financial risks and bring financial strategies to keep the level of expenditure safe from bankruptcy.

After the ups and downs of my previous career, I decided to try another job opportunity in accounting. I am applying to invest my expertise and knowledge in a similar field and a new work environment. I want to pursue a new career within this company for various reasons. First, the requirements are matching my skills and expertise. Then, the schedule and the suggested roles are very familiar to me. I can better operate in the environment suggested by this company.

For these reasons, I invite you to look at my CV to better visualize my profile for the suggested profession. I am looking forward to seeing you in a job interview. I am also available at any time through ( put your contact information). Thanks for your time and interest.



Address, Phone, Email

These were the tips for writing an accountant cover letter in Turkey. Follow the cover letter example that meets your professional situation, and make the necessary changes.


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