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CV Writing Advice For Teachers In Turkey

As an experienced teacher or a newly graduated one, the process of preparing a CV can be difficult or tedious for you. Making a good CV is your key towards employment, especially in private schools and institutes. As this document is important in representing yourself professionally, here is an article for the beginning of a new academic year. let's get started:

CV writing Tips for Teachers in Turkey:

Teacher CV tips

If you are going to apply for a job in a private school as a Mathematics, English, Pre-School or newly graduated teacher candidate, the first thing you should pay attention to in your CV is your content with correct grammar and zero typos. As a teacher, you have various options to write your CV. you can go through the classic way and craft your CV in a MicrosoftWord format, or choose a CV template and download it. You can also send your CV as a PDF document. Fratres will help you highlight your teaching skills and experience in CV form through these tips.Take a look at;  Best Careers in Turkey for Teachers

1.Understand The Basics of a Teacher CV

With the development of technology, teacher CV examples are not limited to a single template. But in general, a Classic CV example is the best choice. In the hiring process, employers look at your teaching qualifications, experience and skills. They don't really focus on whether a primary or secondary school teacher has written the CV. Teachers should pay attention to these components when preparing CVs. you may also read; Employment of Foreign Teachers in Turkey

2. Update your CV content: 

Your skills on the teacher CV should match those requested in the job description. When preparing your teacher CV, the content should not be tailored for every job. It should rather reflect the school and community context. First of all, remember that you are limited to the field you are going to teach, so be concise in everything you write. Do not apply to all private schools by preparing a single CV. That's why one of the most important points about CVs is to prepare a CV according to the job. Do not prepare a CV sample and send it to all private schools.

3. Follow the Appropriate Format:

Teacher CV format

While preparing a teacher CV, try to specify your work with private companies and private schools, the courses and seminars you have taken, your skills related to the field you have applied for. For entry-level applicants, you should write any training or internship done instead of the work experience. If you are new to the teaching profession, you can include your internship or volunteer experience in your CV. Fields, where you work as an intern, can be added to this section. Finally, there is a huge demand for digital teachers. Include any experience working with computers online such as tutoring, illustrating courses, etc…for more information, Explore the CV Format for Turkey Jobs

4.Focus on Being the Perfect Candidate

Employers have in mind an ideal candidate in terms of experience and qualifications when posting a job offer. These features vary from one job to another. Therefore, if you can catch the qualities that employers are looking for through:

  • Using the keywords related to the job position: a teacher CV should conform to the educational terminology. Appropriate educational terminology will highlight your experience in your field. If you are going to apply online, using certain keywords will ensure that your CV will pass through the candidate tracking system.
  • Writing the necessary information: avoid the school diplomas and the experiences that have no connection to the teaching field.

4. Submit your CV in time

Like every year, there is a deadline related to teaching applications. Candidacy usually starts in July and ends in August, as Turkish schools open in September. If you are going to submit your CV for a teaching job, you can hand your application to the administrative department or send it online by email through the official website of the private school. Make sure of writing the appropriate subject line, including the job offer reference. Get ready for your upcoming meeting through Turkey Job Interview Tips

Teacher's CV Example: 

Teacher CV example

Your name

phone number

email address


With three months of internship in prep schools, a substitute teacher is interested in spending a successful academic year in this institution. A child lover with a friendly attitude, very passionate about teaching, seeking employment as an English teacher.

Internship/ Training:

Intern as Substitute Teacher, in Ankara private high school, Sep-Dec 2019

Education :

  • B. in Teaching, University of Education Ankara, 2018
  • Baccalaureate of Arts, Kemal Bey High School,2014


Sign Language Certificate, ABC organization, 2017


  • Languages
  • Time-management
  • Proficiency in Microsoft, Excell


  • Music
  • Sports
  • Traveling


Won Poetry Competition in 2015


These were the fundamental tips of a teacher's CV. Although writing a profile is not a must in Turkish CVs, applicants for teaching and academic jobs should not dispense with this section. While Preparing a Teacher CV, having a cover letter next to your CV will increase the chances of getting the job. Remember to meet the deadline while applying for teaching positions in Turkey.


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