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Top10 Highly Demanded IT Jobs in Turkey.

Computer science is one of the most important sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields, with the highest job offer and job acceptance rate. Earning a degree in information technology brings valuable opportunities in Turkey. This modernized country is encouraging the development of the scientific and the technical sector by employing IT graduates. If you are on your way to obtain this degree, here is an exclusive guide for highly demanded IT jobs in Turkey.

IT Qualification in Turkey:

best IT jobs in Turkey

Turkey entered the world of information technology in the 60s, after purchasing the first computer by the Turkish General Directorate of Roads from the American company IBM. The aim of that operation was to make the calculations required in road construction faster. Nowadays, IT degrees can lead to a variety of well-paid and highly in-demand jobs. This is very relevant through the free technology zones, established through Turkish universities in cooperation with IT companies. The Turkish state supports these zones by distinguishing them from others with partial or total tax exemption and technical advantages. As a result, the ODTU Teknokent zone located in Ankara is one of the oldest technical projects, considered the first technology zone in 2000. The same company evolved in three years and became a leading software manufacturer. If you are curious about Turkey's best IT projects and professions, visit Fratres and look for a job in your favorite city.

 Tech jobs have always been up-to-date. They are integrated in everyday life to maintain technical devices and artificial intelligence systems. By 2020 and the following five years, IT jobs will reach faster growth in Turkey. What does the IT field consist of, and where can you apply? You may also read: Women Careers in Turkey

A Bachelor's Degree in IT requires 4 years of college studies in Turkey. The academic fulfillment in this field culminates in the following careers:

1. Systems Programmer

Systems Programmers are specialized in various computer systems. They write for two different operations:

  • Software for mobile and android applications.
  • Programs that are used by the hardware.

System programmers can advance in their careers. After years of expertise and possibly after pursuing the Master's Degree, they can evolve as systems engineers. Companies need these professionals to design complex IT systems.

2.Software Engineer

Software engineers are, in reality, qualified IT graduates. They are specialized in generating software applicable to many industries such as the automotive industry, finance, and accounting. Top Software Development Companies in Turkey

3. Mobile App Developers

Mobile app developers

Everything related to mobile tools is in demand these days. People who design applications for mobile devices are called mobile application developers. This profession is parallel to the fastest-growing of smartphones and tablets. The tools continue to change, as Turkish companies are improving the way users get access to news and entertainment.

4. Internet Technology Engineer

The Internet is used for various purposes, among them selling and buying. The increased process of exchange and working with diverse syllabus and suppliers paved the way for internet technology engineers. They are responsible for maintaining the e-commerce systems.

 5.Database Administrator:

companies are collecting more and more data to employ them in different ways. The role of database administrators is to provide database designs that are an essential part of the company's most important applications. They also have to build, maintain, and protect the database.

6.Game Developers:

Turkey is working on competing gaming companies. With the advance of technologies and the increased market for games, game developers have become part of the in-demand list of IT specialists. The growing popularity of this field has led to the development of mobile graphics.

7. Cyber Security Analyst

Although this is an overqualified job, it is one of the sought-after jobs in Turkey. Cyber Security Analyst masters the analysis of cyber tools and reverses the damage. Applicants must have solid skills in the IT environment, particularly in IT security technologies and equipment.

8.Data Scientist

This job emerged thanks to the massive diffusion of Information technology and the Internet: companies can now collect an enormous amount of data. The task of a data scientist in this field is engaged in studying a large amount of data. Data Scientists classify these data and identify all the valuable information to the company.

9.Computer System Analysts:

computer system analyst

A computer systems analyst works under the direction of an operations manager. They provide the interface between the design and operations teams. The main mission is to ensure the proper functioning of a computer system. The system analyst can also be referred to as a system administrator. Its objectives are also oriented towards the search for the automation of operating processes and productivity improvement. Computer Systems Analyst or System Administrator profile is highly sought after by service providers.

10.Network Engineer:

The network engineer position is entering the top IT jobs list for 2021. This job is very qualified. It consists of overseeing the planning, upgrading, and maintaining of computer networks. Network engineers also manage internal and external network servers and equipment, ensuring everything runs smoothly for both employees and customers.

These were the top 10 most in-demand IT jobs in Turkey. Some of these jobs are not entry-level and require additional qualifications and experience. After the pandemic, Turkey is providing opportunities to various IT experts aspiring to compete in European markets.


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