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Know All about Social Security inTurkey

Social Security is not a new concept in the professional field. Many countries are updating regulations to protect workers and employers and ensure better working conditions. In Turkey, there are various ways to secure your professional future. The Turkish government has specific concerns for sickness, disability and aging. As these events can be included in the life cycle of every employee/ worker, here is an article explaining safety and unemployment benefits in Turkey:

Unemployment Benefits in Turkey:

unemployment benefits in turkey

Each professional sector has certain rewards. Adding to paid salaries, some professional benefits are included to preserve employee’s rights and protect workers from being exploited. As Turkey is one of the diverse countries, where its job market is split between private and public sectors, some situations determine unemployment benefits. To understand them, sign up to Fratres. This website will help you learn about the benefits that any industry can offer.

Unemployment benefits are one of the ways of providing financial support, health, and safety for employees/ workers. But, in keeping in mind these benefits are included in the public sector under the following conditions:

-Lockdown/ pandemic disease/ natural disaster/ external factors preventing work: The Turkish government allowed the suspension of work in the public sector. This break is for a specific time and under some specific conditions.

-Retirement: of course each sector in Turkey has a specific age limit and end of services capital. The pension, of course, differs depending on seniority and the professional field. Take a look at; What are some Best Paying Jobs in Turkey

-Paid holidays: In Turkey, religious and national holidays are paid for employees and workers. The situation is different for the private sector, where just religious holidays are granted.

-Health insurance: this insurance is not secured for all sectors. Just in the military, teaching, public services field, employees have paid and discounted healthcare services. The rest professional fields are not providing the same healthcare coverage. Employees, in this case, choose their own health insurance, especially foreigners.

-Maternity Leave: working women in Turkey have the right to a 16 week paid maternity leave.

These were the primary unemployment benefits, where employees get a full wage, regardless of the rate of performance, attendance, and nationality.

Social Security for Workers:

Social security in turkey

Workers get different benefits from employees. Social security is usually associated with workers who operate in risky places. This concept involves insurance against the events that the individual will encounter and poses a threat to his life. Social Security involves:

-Retaliation for professional accidents: industries and manufacturers that follow work safety standards are entitled to reimbursing workers for professional accidents. What are the Highest Paying Jobs in Turkey for Unskilled Workers ?

Social programs: some industries in Turkey provide a social program that aims to assimilate workers, providing them with shelter and annual medical checkups.

-Pension: workers in the public sector have an extracted amount for retirement. Adding to retirement, some professional fields offer an end service amount, such as electrical companies and railways companies.

Social security has a very dynamic aspect in Turkey. It is providing more services than economic support. For example, small business owners such as barbershops, bakers, and tailors may get a social security benefit in robbery or damage. They have assurance and are paying taxes. Any project that doesn’t have civil regulation and paid taxes is not recognized for social security.

Unemployment Benefits Calculation:

Many employees or workers want to know their rights and obligations. As the concern is raised upon unemployment benefits, it is worth mentioning that the stronger benefits are provided in the public sector.

1.Retirement and Pension:

The Labor Law in Turkey provides for full retirement or old-age benefits. For retirement, an employee for civil services must have worked at least 30 years and turned 60 (58 years for women). The retirement age will gradually increase from 2046 for both men and women up to the age of 65. Aged workers (men and women) who are not eligible for old-age or disability pension and who have completed 50 years old can benefit from the old-age pension. The old-age pension is calculated to be up to a maximum of 90% of the average salary during the working period. If the worker is insured before 1 October 2008, a particular calculation method is applied. The old-age pension is paid in a lump sum.

2. Compensation for dependants / left behind

The Social Insurance Act has provisions for the employees’ family survivors (widowed spouses, children, and parents). The death benefit is paid provided that the deceased employee is retired, has a disability pension, or is entitled to an old-age pension. This compensation differs depending on the sector. 50% of the pension that the deceased worker was entitled to receive is paid to his widow. If he has no children or his widow is unemployed, this rate rises to 75%. 25% of the pension and is paid to the orphan entitled to a pension. Divorced parents are also given 25% of the pension.

3. Disability Assistance

disability disease

Disability pension is paid in case of permanent incapacity for work. In addition, there is a condition associated with this benefit. Employees who will benefit from this pension should have been insured for at least 10 years and to have paid a total of 4 years of insurance premium. When continuous care is required, a full pension (100%) is paid. However, in everyday situations, disability pension is 70% of the average indexed earnings of a person in permanent care. If the disabled worker is insured after 1 October 2008, the disability compensation is calculated similarly to the old-age pension, which is 2% of the insured worker's final salary. A disability pension is also equal to the maximum coverage period.

These were the unemployment benefits and social security programs that both workers and employees can get. Some of the benefits are calculated differently and require specific conditions to grant benefits for employees and survivors in the family.


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