Best Careers in Turkey for Teachers

Many young graduates are wondering about teaching jobs in Turkey. "How to become a teacher?" is the most sought after question of people who are seeking a teaching career. Without any further ado, here is an article explaining the necessary information about teaching in Turkey.

Teaching in Turkey:

The teaching profession is one of the most demanded jobs in Turkey. Graduates who do not want a complicated career path consider a teaching degree from teaching universities. The advantages of this field lurk in having more holidays than other occupational sectors. So what does it take to become a teacher in Turkey? To understand the requirements of your target job, sign up to Fratres and get the recent professional updates after selecting your country.

Requirements of Teaching in Turkey:

teaching requirements in Turkey

The terms and conditions of teaching in Turkey depend on various circumstances. The education system in Turkey is either private or public. Recruitment in each sector is different. Applicants, who are curious about pursuing a teaching career in Turkish public schools, should consider the following:

-Completing high school

-Having completed university education in the field of choice after high school.

-Successfully passing the KPSS exam or any entry-exam related to the field after university graduation.

-Being a Turkish citizen with a clean criminal record.

-Successfully passing the job interview.

-For male candidates, they should have completed their military service,

-Not being treated for drugs or alcohol

-Not having been removed from the teaching profession for any reason before.

For foreign applicants there are different demands:

-Submitting a CV and cover letter for the job application.

-Getting prepared for a job interview.

-Getting copies of translated and legally issued teaching degrees.

-Tailoring the teaching contract with the work visa and residence period.

What Are the Qualities Required in a Teacher?

Although teaching requirements and qualifications vary depending on the applicant's nationality or the teaching place, the qualities are technically the same. As an applicant, you should consider the qualities and the skills to illustrate them in a cover letter better. Let's look at the examples:

  • Having sufficient knowledge and interest in the desired teaching field: As an applicant, you should determine your teaching specialty, class, and level.
  • Having high communication skills: teaching is based upon communication in class.
  • Having patience: this quality is required when managing a class of more than 25 students.
  • Being able to empathize and get along well with younger age groups.
  • Be prone to group work.
  • Having a sense of responsibility.

Working In Turkey: the Complete Guide

The Hiring Process of Teachers

teachers hiring process in Turkey

In order to become a teacher, it is necessary to fulfill the following trainings, respectively:

-High school education: your high school majors and grades will interfere in choosing the college degree. For example, if your total grades are derived from scientific subjects, you can select a teaching degree in scientific subjects, and so on.

-University education: a teaching degree in Turkey consists of 4 years of university studies from the faculty of education.

-Successfully completing exams: graduates with a Bachelor's degree in teaching should pass a KPSS exam to get hired in public schools.

Those who want to be teachers have to graduate from the Faculty of Education or the Faculties of Science or Arts. take a look at; Top 10 Best Careers for Graduates in Turkey

How to Apply as a Teacher in Turkey?

In this sense, the first detail is that if the candidates graduate from a faculty other than the Faculty of Education, they must take the teaching qualification courses. Otherwise, individuals who graduated from a department other than the Faculty of Education do not have the chance to enter this profession. Those who complete their education at the university, take the qualification if necessary, and then take the Public Personnel Selection Examination. After getting the required score in this exam, they are required to take test exams such as Educational Sciences and Teaching Field Knowledge. ÖSYM organizes all these exams. After the exams are passed successfully, the Ministry of National Education announces the hired teachers.

Candidates who aim to enter a permanent teaching position in Turkey but couldn't succeed at entry exams will still have a few alternatives. There are 3 different areas where teaching can be done.

  • Substitute teachers
  • Contractual teachers
  • Teaching in private schools

Persons who cannot be appointed as permanent staff have the opportunity to enter as substitute teachers or contractual. Contract teachers are hired in case of having a shortage in the teaching staff. They are paid 15 hours a week compared to permanent employees. Contractors also work under the Ministry of National Education. Having a sufficient KPSS score and successfully passing the oral interview brings the chance to be contracted.

Another option is the opportunity to teach in private schools. People, who are not substituted or contracted, can work in private education institutions.

How Much Do Teachers Get in Turkey?

teachers salary in turkey

With the wage changes made every year, teachers' salary changes as well. In 2020, the monthly salary of teachers was 4,015 TL. As the working performance increases, so does the wage. If they attend additional courses, they also get extra fees.

After a lengthy study period, teacher candidates overcome obstacles by taking various exams and then take the first step towards their dream profession with various alternatives. At this point, candidates are also researching the necessary conditions to enter the teaching field. Teaching, which is one of the first professions encountered at primary school, can be the dream job of many graduates. That's why this article explains how to get a teaching job in Turkey, with or without a KPSS exam.


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