Women Careers in Turkey


Turkey is an attractive country, with a fantastic sea view. It is also a modern place where women have more significant opportunities. This article is for ladies who live in Turkey and wonder about the best professional fields there:

Female employment in Turkey

female employment in turkey

 The pandemic has had a profound impact on the global job market, which resulted in a slow hiring process. Despite this economic crisis, women still have their rank in society. It is true that some professional sectors specifically require women, as these jobs are designed for them. If you are curious about the best jobs for women in Turkey, join Fratres. Before taking a look at the top10 list, look at the requirements for women in Turkey to get a job. Actually, every sector has its own demands to recruit applicants. Some jobs are targeting qualified ladies. Others are looking for crafty women. This is, job availability in Turkey depends on the sector. Conditions of recruitment can be the following:

  • Age: In Turkey, some jobs require young ladies. For example, hotel jobs, flight attendants, and modeling. These fields have early retirement and are short-term offers, where applicants enter at the age of 21 years old.
  • Nationality/ Citizenship: Turkey is a diverse society. Its population is composed of Arabs, Europeans, and Turkish. Access to public jobs requires Turkish citizenship. Foreigners can work in the public sector under a contract similar to the private field.
  • Competitive exam: in Turkey, recruitment in government jobs requires passing a competitive exam. This applies to teaching jobs, nursing, medicines, lawyers, and translators. Take a look at; KPSS examination held in 81 cities in Turkey.
  • Probation period: obtaining a job in Turkey requires completing a probation period. Depending on the applicant's performance, employers can decide recruitment.

Women jobs in Turkey

Employment in Turkey is currently three times more competitive than before the pandemic. Since the following article is a guide for women's careers in Turkey, and Istanbul, here is a list of the top 10 women professions available for the upcoming five years. These opportunities are also open for Egyptians, Syrians, Iraqis, Palestinians, and all foreigners, but with conditions imposed by the city in which they reside, the type of expertise they have, the ability to withstand the pressure of working 8 hours a day.

For foreign women, mastering the Turkish language increases the chances of getting jobs with better salaries, sometimes up to double. Bearing in mind that the cost of living in Turkey varies from city to city, salaries will not be the same for women working in the private sector.

Jobs in Turkey are classified according to the type of profession. for women, the application is possible in:


Turkey is a destination for tourists. Despite the pandemic, the tourism field is still active. Women can operate in this field in jobs related to:

-Travel agencies as booking agents

-Customer-service agents

-Flight attendants


-Hotel clerks

The highest percentage of tourists visiting Turkey are Germans, Russians, and Arabs. If you are fluent in one of these languages, you can work as a translator or a tourist guide.

2.Jobs in Factories

This type of job is widely available, as Turkey contains thousands of factories. Some of them do not require an apprenticeship. Women are the most significant percentage operating in factories. Non-educated women can work in assembling products, packaging products, and loading products. Salaries can increase in this field. For example, when senior workers notice commitment and perseverance, they will automatically promote workers to better jobs such as: supervising fresh workers or controlling production lines. The promotion involves decreasing working hours and increasing the salary tips.

3. Jobs for Artisans:

jobs for artisan

The sewing profession, in particular, is one of the most popular crafts in Turkey. Many apprenticeships are teaching swing courses to make Turkish shawls and fabrics. Women, who are experienced in artisan work, can operate in sewing factories. They can join tailor workers on the knitting machine, installing buttons and ironing clothes. The same sewing factories contain jobs for ordinary workers who do not master any specific craft. They can work like ordinary workers in sewing factories, packing clothes, cleaning them of threads, putting them in bags, or arranging them.

4. Fashion Designers;

Turkey is a leading country in producing clothing brands and exports them to Meditation countries. This thanks to Fashion designing institutes and workshops that qualify fashion designers for these industries.


Turkey includes thousands of modeling agencies that recruit women under a specific contract. Models work for advertising projects and fashion shows. Istanbul Model Agency: The Best 10 Agencies For Models

6. Catering Jobs:

Many opportunities can be found in Turkish restaurants. These jobs can be with or without a cooking diploma. Women interested in cooking careers can work as bakers, chefs, barbecue specialists, sweets makers, etc.

7. Retail Jobs

This field is not limited to selling in Turkish shops and markets. Women can work as fillers, merchandisers, and cashiers.

8.Administrative Jobs:

Although some Turkish administrations require a competitive exam, some administrative positions recruit women to operate in private firms and corporations. These jobs are also entry-level, and their salaries increase over time.

9. Nursing Jobs:

Turkey has a massive number of clinics for dental care, hair implants, and plastic surgeries. These medical services opened opportunities for paramedical specialists to join, especially for nurses. Nurses from Arab or foreign countries can apply after completing a probation period proving familiarity with the field.

10.Refugee Camps Service Jobs:

This field includes the collaboration of many organizations to manage refugee camps in Turkey. It also recruits many women who operate in childcare jobs, social support, psychologists, and journalism.

These were the top 10 fields targeting women in Turkey. The list includes the active professions after Covid-19 and the professional sectors occupied by women.


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